The Weekly Lineup: TFSA Risk Edition

It’s been a busy month with full-time afternoon-evening shifts at work, and that’s left much less time to write on the Ninja. Come January I’m looking forward to getting back to the Dividend Ninja and other website ventures. 😉

In the meantime, here are some posts by other bloggers that caught my eye…

Should You Take Risks with Your TFSA?

rrsp_tfsa_nest_eggHere was an interesting post from Avrex Money on whether you should take risks with your TFSA?  This was in response to a MoneySense article looking at what investors were doing with their TFSAs (Tax Free Savings Accounts). Jim, an investor mentioned in the article had a whopping $300,000 allocated to his TFSA. That’s significant when you consider the maximum allowable amount you can contribute to your TFSA, is currently $25,500. So that means that Jim made some pretty spectacular returns in his TFSA. (Kudos Jim if you are reading this).

It’s important to remember that taking risks with your financial plan is exactly that. Jim was successful with the risks he took inside his TFSA. But that doesn’t rule out the other possibility of significantly losing your savings either.  I view my TFSA as an important cog in my retirement savings plan. So I’m not about to jeopardize my TFSA or RRSP with any high-risk strategies. Slow and steady wins the day for me. 😉

What are your thoughts? Should you take more risk with your TFSA or RRSP? Or do you prefer to play it safe?

The Weekly Lineup

Here are some other great reads from around the web:

I’ve been recently contemplating my long-term career goals, and where I want to be in 2014. At Outlier Model, CF discussed her recent bid to Making a Power Play at Work. Asking for a raise can always be risky. But if you have your base covered with either outcome, as CF does, then it can be a beneficial move. I’m taking the opposite approach and focussing my resources on moving back to self-employment, but that’s a different post. 😉

Many investors are becoming concerned with the continuing record-breaking market. Ben Carlson looked at the difference between a correction and a crash. Ben writes, “Just know that even though the stock market has had both corrections and crashes on a regular basis, stocks have still been your best bet and have doubled your money roughly every 8 years since 1928.”

Dividend Mantra isn’t overly concerned with record-breaking markets, and he tells you why in, The Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes Above 16,000..

Roadmap-2-Retire took a brief look at big blue-chip energy companies, and what he is interested in buying, in The Energy Sector. He sold his shares of Husky. Have to mention I own Husky, and have no plans to sell.  Even though it’s not a dividend-growth stock, it has certainly generated a nice ROI for me.

Retire-Before-Dad tackled a common dilemma for homeowners. He discussed whether he should pay extra money down on his mortgage, in Extra Mortgage Payments: Math vs. Comfort.

Over at My Own Advisor (not really my advisor), Mark had a couple of great back-to-basics posts. He covered the basics of Tax Free Investing with TFSAs, and covered some more basics in Financial Stuff 101.

The Passive Income Earner updated his November 2013 Dividend Income.

Dividend Ladder looked at one of my core holdings, in The Most Undervalued Dividend Stock in the Market.

Have a nice weekend everyone! 😉

6 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: TFSA Risk Edition”

  1. My Own Advisor

    Nov 24. 2013

    Always appreciate the Ninja shoutouts!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend,

  2. Dividend Mantra

    Nov 24. 2013


    I appreciate the mention.

    I hope January rolls around quick for you so that you can get a little relaxation time in!

    Best wishes.

  3. Retire Before Dad

    Nov 24. 2013

    This is a great list. Thanks for including mine!

  4. Avrex Money

    Nov 24. 2013

    Thanks for the inclusion.
    More Ninja coming soon? Awesome!

  5. Roadmap2Retire

    Nov 25. 2013

    Thanks for the mention, Avrom.

    Appreciate the support.


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