Looking at the Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Investing by the Numbers – The Income Statement and Balance Sheet

The following is a guest post from Henry Le, who blogs about investing at PaperCroc. I was delighted when Henry offered to write a series of posts, explaining the basics of how to analyze balance sheets and financial statements. Henry offered to write explaining the basics of how to analyze balance sheets and financial statements. In Part  1, Henry analyzed the Income Statement. In Part 2, he continues with the Balance Sheet. Looking at the Income Statement and Balance Sheet Below is the basic ...

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What Is an ICO Project?

Companies can raise capital in various ways, from debentures, issue of common shares, or even bonds. When companies go public, they raise initial capital through the IPO (Initial Public Offering). Dividend Ninja wrote about a couple of high-profile tech IPOs’. The Facebook IPO back in 2012 (4-part series), was the largest IPO in history at US $100 Billion, and the Twitter IPO back in 2013 which raised over US $31 Billion. The IPO gives companies a much-needed cash infusion. The alternative investment ...

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Where to Find Investment Money within Your Household Budget

Investing your money has a variety of benefits, from giving you the opportunity to save for your retirement to building a college fund for your kids. While most investments come with a degree of risk, options such as savings bonds and money market funds can provide you with low-risk opportunities to grow your assets. Learning to control your spending can be the first step in building investment money; however, you may be overlooking cash hidden within your household budget that can help put you on ...

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Learn How to Reduce Your Monthly Costs So You Can Start Saving for Your Retirement

When you retire, you will only get a certain amount of money each month and living on a restricted income can be difficult to do. If you want to be able to live comfortably after you retire, you need to save as much money as you can before your retirement takes place. The following guide walks you through a few things you can do to start saving for your retirement right away. Reduce Your Monthly Expenses There are many people who spend more money than they should on their monthly expenses each month. ...

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