How Government Monetary Policy Works

The monetary policy is controlled by government managed Central Banks. In the U.S., it is called the Federal Reserve or Feds. In Europe, it is called the ECB (European Central Bank). Australians call theirs the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and in most countries it is referred to as the Central Bank. Monetary policy is used to influence the level of interest rates. This in turn influences the investment behavior of firms and individuals, the consumption level of households, and the supply of credit ...

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Four Key Dividend Metrics You Need to Know

This article was published in the May 2014 edition of the Canadian MoneySaver, and is posted here with permission. For more information visit www.canadianmoneysaver.ca Although dividend investing can seem overwhelming and complicated, it really doesn’t need to be. Nor do you need to be a financial professional or CPA to make sense of it all. A few red-flags to watch out for, as well as specific ratios to look at, will help you buy a dividend titan instead of a dividend dud. Here are four key dividend ...

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The Weekly Lineup: CMS Webinar, Top Blogs, and $500 Cash Giveaway

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who attended the webinar last Tuesday, with the Dividend Ninja (that’s me) and Peter Hodson. There were a few technical glitches, but I hope you found value in the webinar. Most importantly, I hope you enjoyed it. If you were unable to attend the live webinar, good news! You can view the webinar via YouTube, download the presentation slides, and leave a comment. I’d like to thank Peter and the CMS team for the opportunity. Also, if you are already ...

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Chart 3. Worst performing sectors.

The Shift to Late Expansion Sectors

Written by Donald Dony, author of the www.technicalspeculator.com. As a new bull market progresses, there is a normal sequence of economic development. This progression favours certain industry groups at different times. In the late contraction stage of the economy, the financial and consumer discretionaries sectors are favoured. These two groups are usually the leaders. As the economy begins to expand and recover, the technology, services and construction sectors show greater performance. In the ...

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Rising stock market

The Weekly Lineup: Stay on the Path Edition

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful.” Warren Buffett. Markets continue their march onwards and upwards, and show no signs of taking a break. Everyone knows the Warren Buffett adage “Be greedy when others are fearful.” However, it was the first part of his quote that people often miss or gloss over in a rising market – “Be fearful when others are greedy…” It seems investors, and the general public, have once again become ...

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