Should You Take a Bite into Apple?

Over the last year I saw a few articles and posts around the web with the big question, “Will Apple Pay a Dividend?”  Back then Apple was around $325 USD per share. Coincidentally on March 19th, the very day Apple (AAPL) announced their dividend, staff writer Hank Coleman asked the question why  Dividend Fund Managers Are Buying Apple? Apple’s new dividend has been a blessing in disguise, since the dividend now comes along with a hefty share price. Regardless of whether you love Apple products ...

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Will the PlayBook save RIM?

Last week on the day when Apple launched the iPad 2 , Research In Motion (RIM) shares dropped over 10%. That’s not to say that RIM was unprofitable, far from it. RIM reported a higher-than-forecast fourth-quarter profit on Thursday March 24th, with an increase in BlackBerry phone shipments of 52.3 million, a revenue growth of over $19.9 billion, and a 47% increase in earnings per share. And that is amidst a backdrop of iphone and Android sales, as pointed out in a recent Globe and Mail article. ...

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