Book Giveaway: The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing for Canadians

Saving and Investing for CanadiansThe book giveaway is now closed…
Congratulations to Shirley and Graham, the two lucky winners!

About the Book

The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing for Canadians, is literally hot off the press! This is a great beginner’s guide to investing, written by five of Canada’s leading financial writers and established bloggers. Edited by Dan Bortolotti of MoneySense Magazine, and the spud behind the Canadian Couch Potato, this 100 page financial guide is packed solid with useful and detailed information for any investor.  Here is a brief summary to peak your interest.

Chapter 1:  Making a Budget

Krystal Yee is well known in Canada as the blogger behind Give me Back My Five Bucks. In the first chapter she outlines the importance of the steps needed to begin budgeting, paying down debt, and freeing up income for savings. As Krystal points out, budgeting doesn’t mean giving up things, it simply means monitoring and knowing where you’re spending your money.

Chapter 2:  Where to Save Your Money

Canadian finance guru Jim Yih, walks you through the various accounts you can use to save for your retirement and other financial goals. He covers the various pension plans available to Canadians. He also discusses TFSAs, RRSPs, and RESPs, and which plan makes the most sense for your financial future.

Chapter 3:  Investing Wisely

The Canadian Capitalist, provides a very detailed review of passive index investing strategies and solid investing advice. He outlines the importance of asset allocation, a passive investment strategy, risk versus return, and other important investing considerations. Ram also provides some specific example portfolios to get you started.

Chapter 4:  Dividend Investing

Frugal Trader is the blogger behind the renowned Canadian blog Million Dollar Journey. FT explains basic dividend concepts, dividend ETFs, dividend growth stocks, and goes briefly into some of the important metrics and ratios. Throughout the chapter he also provides the tax advantages of dividends for Canadians, which is an important consideration that is often overlooked by many novice investors.

Chapter 5:  Buying the Right Insurance

One of the most difficult financial concepts to understand is insurance, yet it is as important to your financial well being as learning how to invest properly.  Glenn Cooke at is an insurance expert! He unlocks the illusive and enigmatic world of insurance, explains the types of insurance Canadians need, how much they need, and even what they don’t need. Glenn discusses various insurance topics such as: the importance of life insurance, term vs. Permanent insurance, whole life insurance, disability insurance, among others.

The Book Giveaway

If these topics and authors don’t interest you, then no need to read further. 😉 However if you think this is a great book that will give you a great foundation for investing, which it will, then read on…

I’m giving away two free copies of The Beginner’s Guide to Saving and Investing for Canadians, for two lucky readers!  I’m making it real easy to win – just leave a comment below and you are in for the draw. No need for 20 facebook likes, 20 tweets, or having to subscribe to anything. The draw ends on the holiday Monday, August 6th 2012, so be sure to leave a comment to win!

The book giveaway is now closed… Congratulations to Shirley and Graham, the two lucky winners!

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  1. I’m in for the draw!

    I discovered your website not long ago as I was curious about that strange thing called “dividend investing”. It seems like a taboo word over at the Canadian Couch Potato! 😉 Thanks for your excellent posts and keep it up 🙂

  2. Sounds like an awesome book!

    Thanks for the great site! My boyfriend and I are newbies on the “dividend investing” journey and look forward to more informative posts! 🙂

  3. I saw this book at the bookstore today. Thanks for the review and all your sage advice! I would love to have a chance to win a copy.

  4. My newly married daughter and her husband should quite enjoy it.
    If I do not win a copy, it will be purchased. Hopefully an electronic version is available.

  5. Love receiving your blogs in my inbox. I’m still in the initial stages of my investing portfolio but I know I’ll be ahead soon following your advice. Thanks so much.

  6. Thanks Ninja… I subscribe to moneysense. I’m interested in anything they have to say or do with.

  7. I’m on it.
    Thanks for the description of the book, I’ll buy it if I’m not the lucky one, it’s very interesting.

  8. I’m in for the draw, love the site and informative articles. My portfolio is chocked with dividend payers now, and I love it!

  9. Sounds like a great book to introduce our young investors to the world of finances!

    Thanks for all the great work Ninja….

  10. Please add me to the draw for the book. Been lurking on your site for the last few months and it’s been educational!

  11. I would like to join the draw. The book will be a great starter for my son who is going to college after summer. Thanks!

  12. Hi Ninja, although, I’ve read some of the topics from these authors’ blogs, i would love to have a copy of the book for a complete information. Please count me in.

  13. Count me in – I lurk a lot but like to learn all I can about dividends, saving & investing.

    • Steve, thanks!

      I like doing the draw this way, so people who really want to win the book are in the draw. Making people subscribe to a newsletter they don’t want, tweet or like a facebook-page just to win something seems pointless to me. I originally did my draws this way to make it simple for everyone, but readers also have noted they really appreciate it. 😉


  14. You better hope I don’t win Avrom! Postage to Singapore could be expensive. If I do win, I’ll pay you back with Sushi the next time I’m in Vancouver. Ninjas like sushi!

  15. Information is so confusing out there and sometimes all US based. So to have a Canadian perspective is awesome! Please add me to the draw. Thank you for the contest!

  16. Count me in for the draw.

    First comment here, and I check your blog since last year. That means : more contest ahah.

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