Be Fraud Aware: Protect Your Money

This post has been written on behalf of the B.C. Securities Commission, to bring awareness to the – Be Fraud Aware app. Investment fraud isn’t something we consider until it is on the front-page news and media. But investment fraud is more common place than unsuspecting investors may realize. A 2012 National Investment Fraud Vulnerability Report, commissioned by the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC), found that 1-in-5 Canadians aged 50 plus, are vulnerable to a potentially fraudulent ...

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Recent Buy: Teck Resources and Barrick Gold

In a previous post on The Dividend Pig, I discussed opportunity in the Canadian mining sector. As I discussed in that post, many investors overlook mining stocks as dividend growth companies, because of their lower dividend yields. Yet these are “dividend growth” companies many with strong balance sheets. They have recently raised their dividends, and have more potential for share price increase. Take Potash Corp. (POT) as an example which recently raised its dividend by a whopping 33%! In that ...

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Bond Certificate

Dividend Stocks are Not a Bond Substitute

The following is a guest post by Ben Carlson from A Wealth of Common Sense “Compare this with a 50% drawdown in stocks in the past bear market and you can see that bonds and stocks do not have the same characteristics for loss.  Interest rates would really need to spike higher in a very short period of time to equal stock losses.  And unfortunately, rates can stay low for long periods of time.” Introduction With interest rates at generational lows, investors are in search of yield.  ...

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