The Weekly Lineup: A Penny for Your Thoughts Edition

By Bye Penny Yesterday on March 29, 2012, the federal government announced in its budget that it would withdraw the penny from circulation in the fall of 2012. As a Canadian I feel a sense of sadness of course for the loss of the penny, as if some historical icon has been pulled from under me. Through the years I’ve learned to love and hate the penny, but it demise isn’t so bad after all. Pennies aren’t worth much in the current economy, we forever have to carry them in our pockets, ...

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Free eBook on ETF Investing

Should You Invest In Dividend Stocks or ETFs?

Written by Teacher Man™, at My University Money. Hello citizens of Dividend Nation.  My pen name is Teacher Man™ and I am co-owner of the blog My University Money.  I also write for several other personal finance blogs, and have recently decided to try my hand at this whole eBook thing.  Before I get into trying to convince an audience full of dividend believers that I believe I have a better approach, I should probably get one thing straight.  As long as you are out of debt, saving, investing ...

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Recent Buy: Husky Energy (HSE)

Today the bad news on markets caused the TSE to slip nearly 80 points in midday trading. Commodity prices sank on reports of slower growth in the euro zone and China, which fueled concerns over the demand for Canadian resources. This was exactly the good news I was waiting for, as my order for 100 shares of Husky Energy (HSE) was filled at $25.49 per share. 🙂 As mentioned in my previous weekly lineup, I was waiting for a pull-back in the price of Husky, so today I was delighted to wakeup and ...

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Dividend Fund Managers Are Buying Apple?

written by Hank Coleman Mutual fund managers are getting confused. It seems like more fund managers are deviating from their fund’s stated focus and suffering from style drift in order to own one of the hottest stocks of the past decade. More than 40 dividend funds have recently bought shares of Apple even though the company does not yet issue a dividend. Even mutual funds that focus on small companies have gotten into the act. Over 50 small capitalization and mid-cap mutual funds have bought shares ...

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