The Dividend Growth Index

The Dividend Growth Index – A Dividend Stock Picking Contest

Each year Mike at The Dividend Guy hosts a dividend stock-picking contest among the financial bloggers. Rather than a stock-picking contest, Mike has gathered an exceptional group of eight dividend investors and financial bloggers to create a dividend project. By coincidence that includes me! Each of us has picked our favourite three dividend stocks, creating a portfolio (or index) of 24 dividend stocks. The Project is called the Dividend Growth Index (DGI) and includes both Canadian and U.S. stocks. Mike ...

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The Canadian Telecoms

I’ve written another post for Dividend Stocks Online titled, The Canadian Telecoms.  It is a review of the Canadian telecoms listed on the NYSE, and is intended for U.S. investors. I review the Canadian telecom sector in relation to its economic moat, as well as briefly review the company fundamentals. Here is a snippet: “The Canadian Telecommunication companies such as Bell (BCE-N), Rogers (RCI-N), Telus (TU-N), and Shaw (SJR-N), are exceptional dividend paying stocks. As a U.S. investor, ...

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Are you going to chew CUD?

Claymore’s New Dividend ETF – CUD

Last Tuesday September 13th 2011, Claymore launched their new ETF, Claymore S&P US Dividend Growers ETF, traded on the TSX as CUD-T. The Canadian Couch Potato just covered this ETF in a recent post Claymore’s New Dividend Grower.  As if there are not enough ETF’s on the Canadian market to entice investors, here is yet another one to ponder or “ruminate” on. Contrary to the trading ticker, this ETF has nothing to do with a cow – it’s a totally different type of animal. I’m ...

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Is Intel a Good Buy?

I’ve written another post for Dividend Stocks Online, titled Is Intel a Good Buy?  This is a brief synopsis of where Intel stands in the semiconductor industry, the rise of Samsung, and the mobile market place for tablets and cell phones. Although Intel has a great balance sheet and generous dividend yield, it has so far missed out on the mobile wave. Here is a brief snippet:   “Intel has so far missed the boat on the mobile wave, and continues to produce the high-powered chips ...

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