Is Intel a Good Buy?

Is Intel a Good Buy?I’ve written another post for Dividend Stocks Online, titled Is Intel a Good Buy?  This is a brief synopsis of where Intel stands in the semiconductor industry, the rise of Samsung, and the mobile market place for tablets and cell phones. Although Intel has a great balance sheet and generous dividend yield, it has so far missed out on the mobile wave. Here is a brief snippet:


“Intel has so far missed the boat on the mobile wave, and continues to produce the high-powered chips for PC’s and servers. While there will always be a demand for Intel’s products and the PC and server market will always remain, the tides of change are already apparent… Currently Intel provides an excellent investment opportunity from both a price point and with its fundamentals, as well as a generous dividend. If you are buying Intel as a long term investment, then you need to ask yourself two questions…”

You can read the entire post at the Dividend Stocks Online website: Is Intel a Good Buy? »


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