The Weekly Lineup: All Kinds of Stuff

Here’s what interested me this week in blogville and the land of blog:

  • Two articles from the Globe and Mail this past week on rising inflation in both China and the U.S. At the Fed, new inflation worries surface and Chinese Shoppers Struggle with Spiralling Prices. I have a post coming on global inflation. While the inflation rate is low here in Canada and the US, around the world inflation rates, commodity prices, and the cost of food are rising fast.
  • According to a recent Globe and Mail article, the Funds Investment Institute of Canada is reporting the biggest January sales in four years.  Canadian investors are pouring money into equity mutual funds – uh oh, are they too late?
  • Canadian Banks are a favourite of dividend investors! After completing his reviews on the big 5 banks, The Passive Income Earner continues with National Bank of Canada.
  • The Dividend Pig takes a brief look at 4 Dogs of the Dow Worth Adopting. I am totally with the pig on JNJ and McDonalds – McDividends!
  • The Canadian Couch Potato reviews new ETF’s from BMO: BMO’s Target Maturity Corporate Bond Funds and More Income ETFs from BMO. As a Money Sense writer, you know Dan will provide an in depth coverage with any topic he discusses.
  • My Own Advisor reviews The Single Best Investment by Lowell Miller (Part 1 of 2). Common sense, investing behaviour, and the power of compounding are just a few of the issues discussed.
  • Andrew Hallam gives A List of What Investors Should Never Do. Great additions to the list through the comments as well!  Andrew has good advice for newbie investors – he’s been investing for a long time with a proven track record.
  • Young and Thrifty discusses in detail some of the new features at Questrade Gets a Facelift. She also has another review at Questrade Online Brokerage review. I’ve been with TD and I love the 9.99 trade fee with all the features. But if I was starting out Questrade is where I would go since the trade-fees are inexpensive (of course those inexpensive trade fee comes with some platform issues).
  • For some morning humour, be sure to check out Saturday Morning Dump – Golf Links. This guy just cracks me up. How can you go wrong with: Simpsons quote of the week, blogging snack of the week, and babe loosely related to finance? I rest my case.


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5 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: All Kinds of Stuff”

  1. youngandthrifty

    Feb 21. 2011

    Hey Dividend Ninja, fellow Vancouverite and fellow Internet worshipper 🙂

    Thanks for the mention.

    For TD, don’t you have to have a certain value of your portfolio to get the $9.99 trading fees?

    I find the platform issues pretty minimal with Questrade, though one major flaw is their inability to correctly adjust your shares after a split. They always get it wrong and I have to call them to correct it (it’s happened oh.. about 4 time). I suppose it would be very important to keep good records in this case!

  2. The Dividend Ninja

    Feb 21. 2011

    Yes you must have 50K in household assets to qualify for the 9.99 trade fee (it used to be 100K LOL). So definitely not for the thrifty!

    It’s good to know Questrade works well for you, becuase it really does offer good value. I might look at setting up the myRRSP option with them so I can buy US equities – TD still charges a premium when buying and selling US stcks.

    I see the nice sunny weather yesterday was just a teaser. Looks like snow is coming again 🙁

  3. Financial Uproar

    Feb 22. 2011

    Thanks for the mention Ninja!

    I get $9.99 trades with Q-Trade, providing I have over 25k in assets. What made me angry is that I actually had to ask for the discount, rather than getting it automatically.

    Q-Trade’s HQ is in Vancouver. That makes at least 531 things to hate about Vancouver. Where are you from again? 🙂

  4. The Dividend Ninja

    Feb 22. 2011

    @FU (ha ha I like that)
    Yah all the brokers are like that, they don’t give you anything unless you go out of your way to ask for it! That’s why you have to do your research. How is Questrade btw?

    You’ll have to tell me the other 530 things you don’t like about Vancouver- but not in this post LOL 🙂

    PS Who is the next babe loosely related to finance?

  5. My Own Advisor

    Feb 22. 2011

    Thanks for including me!

    I too, would love to have some McDividends! Unfortunately the stock is too steep for my entry point.