The Weekly Lineup: Ten Days before Christmas Edition

16407128_sWhere has the year gone? It’s hard to believe 2013 is almost over and Christmas is just around the corner. It only seems like yesterday that I was enjoying the hot August summer weather.

I’ve been at work with solid shifts since November, and I’ll be working through the holidays. While most people want to have the Christmas season off to spend time with their families, I’m more than happy to pick up the extra hours during the holidays. That means some serious overtime including Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years!  That will provide some extra cash to invest or expand into my online web empire in 2014. A nice break and time with my folks is planned for January! 🙂

In Case You Missed It

If you think the stock market is in a bubble, be sure to read the Ninja’s previous post, Is the Stock Market in a Bubble? Ben clarifies the differences between bubbles and overvalued markets, and from a technical point of view why we are not in a stock bubble. What Ben does point out however, is that markets are indeed ripe for a correction.

The Weekly Lineup

Here are some great reads from around the web this week:

First off, birthday wishes go out to fellow Vancouver blogger Jessica, at Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses, who is celebrating her second year blogging anniversary.

Of note, after a long hiatus MoneyCone is back! His blog has been one of my favorites. Here is a must-read post with 10 questions you must ask to stay on top of your portfolio.

Here is yet another call to tune out the noise, and switch off the business news! Staff writer Ben Carlson, has a must read post on his blog this week. Be sure to read Investing in Stocks is Never Easy.

Home bias is an incredible powerful influence, and investors generally prefer to invest in their local economies. Retire Before Dad has an in-depth post on the pros and cons of the investing adage “buy what you know.” Check out his post on Whole Foods in, Buy Stocks Like You Buy Your Cantaloupes.

Looking to buy foreign stocks directly instead of an ETF? What about the UK? Roadmap 2 Retire has an excellent post this week on 10 British Stocks to Consider. Not all stocks listed in this article are domestic British stocks, but the yields are much better than what U.S. investors are accustomed to.

Have a nice weekend everyone! 😉

10 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: Ten Days before Christmas Edition”

  1. Mo' Money Mo' Houses

    Dec 15. 2013

    Thanks for the mention and blogiversary wishes!

  2. Retire Before Dad

    Dec 15. 2013

    Thanks Ninja so much for including my post in your weekly lineup! I very much enjoyed Ben’s post on bubbles too.

  3. Moneycone

    Dec 15. 2013

    Thanks much Ninja for the twitter shoutout and the mention! Much appreciated!

  4. Roadmap2Retire

    Dec 16. 2013

    Thanks for the mention, Avrom.

  5. MonicaOnMoney

    Dec 18. 2013

    Thanks for sharing some new websites to read!

  6. Levi @ Wealthnote

    Dec 19. 2013

    Some great articles Ninja. I also can’t believe this year is almost over. It flew by so fast!