The Weekly Lineup: Kick-Ass Bank Dividends Edition

Stocks and Golf Podcast David Winchell at Stocks and Golf, asked me back for another radio show chat! Be sure to check out Stocks and Golf Podcast No. 047, with my interview at seven minutes into the segment. David is an easy going guy who makes anyone feel comfortable. I always enjoy having the chance to talk with him. David asked me of course if I had any stocks on my watch list. So I was happy to share a sector I have been currently watching – the Canadian mining sector. I also discussed ...

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Recent Buy

Recent Buy: CLF, BNS and RY

Buy Low and Sell High is a great investment tenet. One of the biggest dilemmas with this investment doctrine, is when markets are down, it doesn’t always mean you have the funds to invest. Case in point, in May 2012 the TSX hit its 52 week lows. Although I have no way to know where market tops or bottoms are, I would love to have bought into some great stocks at that time. If I am already fully invested, and don’t have any investment capital, then it really makes no difference whether markets ...

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Bank of Montreal

Recent Buy: Bank of Montreal (BMO)

The markets continued their decline this week, with the TSX breaking below the psychological 12,000 level. Although the losing streak appeared to take a turn upwards on Wednesday morning, many investors are still remaining on the sidelines.   Whether the markets will continue to decline in another sell-off, or continue on another Bull Run is anyone’s guess. When markets dip, it’s an opportune time to buy shares of companies on your watch list, or top-up current holdings. Having sold my index ...

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The Weekly Lineup: Index or Dividends?

Last week, Dan at the Canadian Couch Potato began a series of posts related to dividend investing. There is one fact in life. Put an Index Investor and Dividend Investor in the same room for a few minutes, and you are going to have some lively debate! Index Investors point out you cannot beat the market, so just invest in the market itself – they are right! Dividend Investors believe you cannot beat the growth and stream of dividend income from high quality dividend paying stocks. They are ...

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