Do You Have a Plan?

Do You Know the Future? Another year has nearly passed us by, with all kinds of changes and shifts in global markets. That is certainly nothing new when it comes to investing. Going forward there looks to be more uncertainty to follow, much of which will hinge on the resolution to the Fiscal Cliff in Washington. Of course, it’s the surprise events that no one sees coming that take the biggest hit to investors. The Financial Crisis of 2008 and 2009 is an obvious example. This year the sudden slow-down ...

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Why You Should Start Investing Now!

November is Financial Literacy Month! That’s right a whole month dedicated to educating and helping Canadians to become more financially independent, and more aware of their finances.  I was asked last month if I would like to participate in this national media campaign, spearheaded by Glenn Cooke, and present my best financial tip to readers. Of course I said yes! As a financial blogger, helping to educate Canadians about their finances is one of the reasons why I write. Many Canadians are not ...

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XIU vs XIC annual returns

XIC – iShares S&P TSX Capped Composite Index Fund

Written by Vicky @ Vix Money XIC – iShares S&P TSX Capped Composite Index Fund – was introduced on February 16, 2001, and seeks to replicate the largest and most liquid securities listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). It is part of a group of ETFs owned by iShares, and, as of June 11, 2009, is now currently being managed by BlackRock Asset Management Canada Limited. The iShares fund family continues to lead the market amongst all the providers, managing approximately 2/3 of ...

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Free eBook on ETF Investing

Should You Invest In Dividend Stocks or ETFs?

Written by Teacher Man™, at My University Money. Hello citizens of Dividend Nation.  My pen name is Teacher Man™ and I am co-owner of the blog My University Money.  I also write for several other personal finance blogs, and have recently decided to try my hand at this whole eBook thing.  Before I get into trying to convince an audience full of dividend believers that I believe I have a better approach, I should probably get one thing straight.  As long as you are out of debt, saving, investing ...

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