Dividend Stocks from Thailand: Higher Yield in the Emerging Market

Written by Money Infant and Dividend Ninja As I’m Canadian, I tend to stick with Canadian and U.S. dividend stocks, and any global investing is done through ETFs or Index Funds (currently index funds in my case). Like most North American investors, that’s about it for global diversification. But what if you reside in another country and you gained a knowledge and understanding of the companies around you. Would you be inclined to invest in them?  That’s the scenario my online friend Steve ...

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Investing in Canadian Stocks

Canadian Covered Call ETFs

Last week I received a question from a reader on covered call ETFs: “Just would like to hear other people’s views of the covered call ETFs from Horizons that are currently paying around 15%, such as HEX-T, or of BMO’s ZWB that is paying close to 10%.” There have been several articles already written on covered call ETFs here in Canada, and I’ve listed some of them below. Since then, both BMO Financial Group and Horizons have added new covered call ETFs. While I have nothing new to offer ...

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Are you going to chew CUD?

Claymore’s New Dividend ETF – CUD

Last Tuesday September 13th 2011, Claymore launched their new ETF, Claymore S&P US Dividend Growers ETF, traded on the TSX as CUD-T. The Canadian Couch Potato just covered this ETF in a recent post Claymore’s New Dividend Grower.  As if there are not enough ETF’s on the Canadian market to entice investors, here is yet another one to ponder or “ruminate” on. Contrary to the trading ticker, this ETF has nothing to do with a cow – it’s a totally different type of animal. I’m ...

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Would the Real “Fund” Please Stand Up!

In this two part series, I examine some of the basic funds and ETFs available, and why most investors would be better off sticking with index funds and index ETFs. Part-1 is a basic definition of mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs. In Part-2, I cover the different types of ETFs in more detail. I also cover the associated risks with many of the actively-managed ETFs on the market. Part-1: Mutual Funds, Index Funds, and ETFs Confused about the differences between mutual funds, index funds, and all ...

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