My Weekend in Barcelona Spain and a Fun Cash Prize Giveaway

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The theme for this giveaway is…
The most exciting vacation you have ever taken…

Weekend in Barcelona

There are so many places in Europe that I love traveling to. The first one that comes to mind is Barcelona, Spain. I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend there one July and I would go back anytime.

What to Do in Barcelona

iStock_000018203013XSmallYes the city is full of historic things to see, but because it was hot and sunny while I was there, most of my time during the day was spent on the beach just relaxing.

Everyday my friends and I could be found at The Nova Icària Beach, which was quite close to the beautiful Olympic Marina. The Marina was packed full of exotic Yachts and gorgeous sail boats and it was fun to imagine ourselves out sailing on any one of them.

In the afternoon around 4 PM we would head over to the beach side cafes for Tapas and Margaritas. The employees at the beach side bars were from all over Europe and they said it was quite common for them to spend their summers working there. It was fun to hear their stories about all the other people they were meeting, and how they enjoyed living in Barcelona.

iStock_000018436445XSmallWe soon found out that the sun is very hot on the beaches in Barcelona, and since we were always there early, we were pretty wiped out by 6 PM. But the day didn’t end there.

Anyone who knows me knows that if there is a casino nearby, I will find it. And there it was at the end of the beach, just past the Marina, we found the Gran Casino Barcelona. We played Roulette and while I was losing my friends were winning. Oh well.

Barcelona is a very popular spot where the summers feel like they last forever. But if you plan to go there one day keep in mind that it isn’t a cheap place to visit.  As an example, our daily afternoon meals at the Tapas Locas were anywhere from 20 – 30 Euros and up.

Your Dream Vacation

So the theme for our August giveaway is your dream vacation. Please tell us about a dream vacation you have already taken or one you plan to do one day. You can enter to win our 3 chances to win giveaway by following anyone on the entry list, as well as by leaving a comment below about your vacation. Thanks!

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August 1st – 21st, 2013

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6 Responses to “My Weekend in Barcelona Spain and a Fun Cash Prize Giveaway”

  1. andysterdam

    Aug 01. 2013

    My best vacation ever was going to Egypt just before the Arab Spring broke out. We went off the beaten-track and enjoyed adventures in places few tourists get to go

  2. Andrew Wade

    Aug 01. 2013

    My best vacation ever is the one I’m on right now – a working vacation where I am touring Fringe theatre festivals across Canada, performing my one-man-show about The Mad Hatter trying to get back home to Wonderland.

  3. Allie

    Aug 01. 2013

    My dream vacation was swimming with sea turtles in Maui – would love to get back there!!!

  4. Rosemary Wells

    Aug 01. 2013

    Most memorable was a week adventure in Marguarita Island, Venezuela. Great weather and friendly people. Highlight was the flight in a small plane flying over and around Angels Falls. Breathtaking views of the Table Top Mountains. Plane landed in a village of huts and we were escorted on a rainforest hike through waterfalls finally ending up back at the village for a great lunch prepared by the villagers. Then the plane took off from the field and we swooped back over Angels Falls where the captain dipped the wings so we had a spectacular view. Fantastic!

  5. Anna Pry

    Aug 02. 2013

    havent taken many, i’d say our honeymoon was most memorable

  6. gibor

    Aug 10. 2013

    We had one of our dream vacation last summer when we flew to Frankfurt, rented Mercedes 300 and travelledfor 2 week. We visited Germany (Black Forest, Alps, Northern Bavaria and much more), Western France (Strasburg, Colmar and more smal beautiful towns), Switzerland (Basel, Bern, St Gallen, Luzzerne + Mt. pilatus) and small part of Austria. Europe is amazing! You can drive to any town/village and find a lot of interesting things.

    Out the most dreamest 🙂 vacations is New Zealand

    P.S> btw, we visited Barcelona about 3 years ago. Liked it a lot, but yes, it was very hot. From barcelona we also took some 1 day trips: to old-jewish city of Girone, Sitges (for a beach) and Montserrat (must see!)