The Weekly Lineup: Chicken Soup for the Investing Soul

This week I was busy working at my “real job”, working on client updates, and getting my accounting all wrapped up for my 2010 taxes. So I didn’t have the time to get an article written. But I found some really great posts this week that are worth reading:

  • The Financial Blogger provides the Dividend Yield and Ex-Dividend Dates for the TSX-60 stocks. You can sort the column headings as well by date or yield. Nice resource and nicely done!
  • The Canadian Couch Potato discusses How to Lower Your Rebalancing Costs. Even if you are not an index-investor, there are some good strategies you can implement in any portfolio.
  • Andrew Hallam continues to write a series of exceptional posts on his blog. In Beat the Pants off Investment Professionals, Andrew discusses the advantages of index investing over actively managed mutual funds.  A great article for someone starting out who may be considering how to invest. Can we be any clearer? Stay away from mutual funds!
  • On the contrary side of the fence, SP Brunner explains why she is sticking with dividend investing in Those Against Dividend Investing. I really like this post, and I think many of her points are valid. While I have a small couch potato portfolio, I could never see myself giving up my mainstay dividend portfolio and income stream.  Nicely done SP!
  • The Canadian Capitalist reviews Notes from the 2010 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report. Anything that Warren Buffet writes is like chicken soup for the investing soul. Thanks CC that will make a good bedtime read!
  • The Dividend Guy uses Lord of the Rings Archetypes in:  What’s Your Investor Style ? Nice post Mike, creative and fun! I’m with you on the Frodo analogy.
  • And lastly WTF is a BitCoin? Well read The Digital Currency of the Future and find out! I don’t think I’m downloading any software that shares files over the web and uses up my CPU resources, but a fun read!

3 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: Chicken Soup for the Investing Soul”

  1. Bitcoin fan

    Mar 03. 2011

    While Bitcoin is P2P, it doesn’t share files. The connections across the network are to other nodes and the data that is transferred consists sole of the payment network transactions.

    It is open source software, so you can be assured that everything the software does has been vetted by the development community and by security professionals.

    If you are concerned about running the app, you can use an online ewallet account.

    Get your first nickel’s worth of bitcoin from the faucet:

    Check out the FAQ:

    The Bitcoin community is happy to help answer any further questions that you might have:

  2. The Dividend Ninja

    Mar 03. 2011

    @Bitcoin, thanx for the info 🙂

  3. Invest It Wisely

    Mar 04. 2011

    Thanks for mentioning the article! To add to Bitcoin fan’s comment, it doesn’t take up any CPU resources unless you want it to.