Don’t Be Taken Advantage of by “Teddy KGB”

The following is a guest post by Wealth Effect Blogger. For more information about the author please visit In the movie Rounders there is a scene where John Malkovich’s character, “Teddy KGB”, and Matt Damon’s character just finish a high stakes round of poker. Matt is smiling as he collects the money in the pot after winning the round. Instead of getting mad, Teddy KGB boasts how he is simply paying Matt’s character back with some of the money Matt lost to ...

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Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs and Enticing Yields

Written by: Wealth Effect Blogger Waiting outside the football stadium after every home University of Southern California football game, is a row of street vendors eager to sell their bacon wrapped hotdogs they are grilling along with onions and peppers right in front of you. The smell of all that bacon cooking is simply intoxicating. Then they start calling out to you “Hotdogs! Get your bacon wrapped hotdogs! Hotdogs! Get your bacon wrapped hotdogs!” and it makes you want it even more, even ...

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