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Uranium Stocks On Sale

The recent earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan is a colossal tragedy. Another potential tragedy is a man-made one, from Japan’s dependence on nuclear energy. With the impending melt-down of four nuclear reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the world has become suddenly nervous about nuclear energy. Coupled with mass evacuations and possibility of widespread radioactive contamination in a heavily populated region, investors pulled the trigger Monday morning on a global sell-off of  uranium producers and juniors (see table below).  The selloff continued today with Denison Mines (DML-T) and Cameco (CCO-T) among other uranium producers losing value. However it seems much of the sell-off was an emotional trigger. World governments have come short of suspending the construction and funding of new reactors, and the shipments of uranium to power those reactors. Uranium for the ...
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