How Are Markets Shaping Up for the New Year?

The US market has performed strongly in 2015. Across all indices, the year to date performance of the US market generated a 21.36% return. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 27.75%, the NASDAQ Composite Index rose 28.86%, the S&P 500 21.86%, and the New York Stock Exchange Composite PR rose 14.86%. These figures are indicative of a bullish market, and that sentiment is likely to spill over into 2018 as sweeping tax reform, interest rate hikes, and bullishness propels US markets. The performance ...

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Wall Street

How to Build a Balanced Stock Portfolio for Higher Returns

Different individuals have different preferences when it comes to investing in stocks in terms of their preferred investment periods and required rates of returns. For the long term investors, they believe in the power of fundamental analysis before investing their money in any given stock in their stock portfolio. On the other hand, the short term traders believe in Chartism and technical analysis to guide them in making the right stock picks as well as in knowing when to enter and exit the market ...

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