Supplement Your Income or Reinvest Dividends?

Should You Use Dividends to Supplement Your Income or Reinvest Dividends?

Whether it’s a bull market or a bear market, one thing is relatively constant in stock market investing: you want to have at least some money in your portfolio in dividend-paying stocks. Dividends – the payments distributed to shareholders each quarter – are incredibly valuable for any investment strategy because they’re great for growing the value of your portfolio. The key here is investing in good dividend stocks and deciding on the best use of those dividend payouts. Some people choose ...

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Invest in dividend stocks

Top 4 Key Reasons Why Now Is the Best Time to Invest in Dividend Stocks

If you want to retire early or make your investments work harder for you, investing in dividend-paying stocks is a great strategy to help you achieve these financial goals. Not all stocks pay out dividends to shareholders, but those that do typically pay dividends on a quarterly basis. Not all dividend stocks are created equally, of course. Some may pay out a high rate of returns but are constantly on the brink of slashing dividend yields (which decreases your quarterly dividend income as a result). ...

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Three Dividend Payers Who Could See Significant Share Price Increases

The following post is written by Hank Coleman. Dividend yield isn’t the only thing out there for investors to consider. What about capital appreciation? There are several stocks that are poised to see their share prices appreciate as well. They could not only earn you an excellent return with a dividend yield but will also provide you with a great return with their under valued share prices. These three dividend payers could see a significant share price increase over the next year. One of the ...

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Why I Won’t Invest In AIG

The following post is written by Hank Coleman. The AIG Bailout Earlier last week, American International Group (NYSE Stock Symbol: AIG) announced that they would begin issuing their first dividend since being bailed out by the United States government in 2008. I’m a free market capitalist at heart, and never agreed with the government bailouts during the financial crisis. And, I’m definitely not a fan of sinking my money back into companies that have lost my trust. In September 2008 during ...

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