Go Global for Higher Yield Dividend Stocks

Written by Ben Carlson One of the biggest fears investors have right now, is that interest rates will rise substantially from their current historically low levels. Many believe this inevitable interest rate increase could lead to the underperformance of dividend paying stocks. Bonds are directly impacted by an increase in rates, but other income producing investments such as REITs, preferred stocks and dividend stocks could also be adversely affected. See my previous post – The Risks of High ...

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Foreign stock markets

In What Account Should Canadians Hold International (Non U.S.) Dividend Stocks?

The following post is written by Brian So, an insurance advisor and blogger at briansoinsurance.com. Since my last post generated a lot of interesting discussions on which account to hold US stocks and ETFs, I’ll follow it up with a post on the impact of withholding taxes of holding (non-US) international dividend stocks in different accounts. Canada does not just have tax treaties with the US with respect to dividends paid to Canadians from US stocks. We also have tax treaties with 89 other countries ...

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