Is Low Unemployment Good For the Stock Market?

The following is a guest post. If you’d like to guest post on the Dividend Ninja, be sure to check out our Guest Posting Guidelines. When the unemployment rate is very low, it is often due to the economy doing very well. In fact, very low unemployment often translates to already high stock prices and for investors buying at that particular stage in the cycle is often detrimental to their portfolio returns. What we know about the stock market is prices are dependent on the business fundamentals, ...

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Why Dividend Cuts May Be a Good Thing for Investors

Life isn’t perfect and for whatever reason, we purchase stocks we shouldn’t have bought, lured in by the high yield, or still hang on to stocks we should have sold. Investor confidence in a company can be sudden and swift. In the case of TransAlta Corp (TA) for example (which I don’t own) this was pointed out in a recent post by John Heinzl. Management decisions over the sale of the  Sundance coal plants, and the looming threat of a dividend cut have pummelled the stock price. TA closed ...

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Supplement Your Income or Reinvest Dividends?

Loyalty – One of the Biggest Stock Picking Mistakes I Make

I am loyal to a fault. I will stick with a company that I grew up with and love all the way to the bitter end. While being loyal may be a great trait, it often gets me into trouble as an investor. The Dividend Ninja’s recent recap of his Dividend Growth Index and individual stock picks reminded me of a recent friendly debate that we had. The Ninja is a big fan of PepsiCo Inc, but I personally love and own shares in Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. Like the wise Ninja predicted, that hasn’t worked out ...

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REITs Commercial office building

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love REITS and You Should Too

Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate but didn’t want to get your hands dirty flipping, fixing up properties, or finding tenants? There is a way to invest in real estate exactly as you would if you were investing in a mutual fund. A real estate investment trust (REIT) provides you with a great type of investment that can help you diversify your portfolio while also providing you with the dividend stream that dividend investors have grown to love. What Is A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)? A ...

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