The Weekly Lineup: Vote for the Ninja Edition

Top Canadian Finance Blogs 2013Another great Vancouver blogger, Jeremy over at Modest Money, is doing his annual Top Canadian Finance Blogs 2013. Since
I don’t have a plethora of Facebook friends, and don’t win popularity contests either, the Ninja could use your help. Please and thank you! It’s also a great way to see the amazing volume of other Canadian finance bloggers on the scene. You may even find some other blogs you really like as well. Canada has it going on IMO. 😉

Market Euphoria (uh oh)

On another note, the stock markets have been going nuts! Just goes to show you that you need to remain invested in stocks (equities) at all times, as you never know when the markets can turn. Remember how Europe was going to tank? Turns out European stocks have been the global winners. The U.S. apparently was going to fall off the fiscal cliff, and stocks were going to get cheaper. Well that didn’t happen either. Apparently interest rates are going to rise this year, so say the same forecasters from 2007.

What does cause me concern however, are the new and inexperienced investors who have been holding off on purchasing stocks, waiting on the sidelines since 2009, and are now just jumping into equities. It’s also RRSP season, so many people who haven’t invested seriously before, are piling into equities. That’s a problem because it’s not a plan.

I have a hunch this isn’t going to end well for a lot of investors, especially if the current bull runs out of steam.  Many people don’t have a plan, and if the market takes a breath and pulls back, they will be the first to sell. Some say when the public is buying into equities on mass, and stocks are showing more frequent overbought signals, the top might be close.

However I’m delighted to see the huge jump in my portfolio value over the last few months. But since I won’t be doing any profit taking at this time, it’s nice to just collect dividends and ignore the noise. That’s the thing with a solid dividend portfolio, really doesn’t matter what the markets do – you just get to sit back and collect the divvies. Now I’m just waiting for the next dip to buy more. Nice! 😉

The Weekly Lineup

Dividend Mantra doesn’t care if the markets are priced fairly or not, he buys in every month!  Check out what core holding he added more shares to in Recent Buy.

Dan Mac at Dividend Growth Stock Investing discusses his first stock buys of 2013. You’ll have to check out his recent posts as well, he has really been writing some great posts recently!  Be sure to check out his in-depth stock analyses as well.

My Own Advisor (not really my advisor) had a great post on when to transition to owning stocks and ETFs. Mark makes an excellent case for the “core and explore” model, and only investing in individual stocks when you have a solid foundation. He also shows the value in a well diversified portfolio of both Index ETFs as well as stocks. Mark and I have been on full agreement with this approach since we connected over two years ago. This is a must read post. 😉

Hank Coleman wrote a post on Ten Ways to Break Your Texting While Driving Habit.  “America is addicted to texting while driving” says Hank. In the U.S. alone, over 3,092 people died and over 400,000 people were injured to prove that point. Next time you reach for your cell phone while driving think twice.

The Passive Income Earner discusses whether you should Pay Your Mortgage or Invest It. PIE makes an interesting case for either side of the issue, but decides to pay extra on his mortgage.

Heads Up! Monday morning my February article for the Canadian MoneySaver magazine will be here on the Dividend Ninja for you to read – The Lure and Dangers of High Yield Stocks (Part-1). Be sure to check it out, or subscribe (form below) and get it delivered!

Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂

8 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: Vote for the Ninja Edition”

  1. Dan Mac

    Feb 09. 2013

    Hey Ninja thanks for the mention! I’ll definately head over to Modest Money and give you a vote.

    I think watching the ups and downs of the stock market is very interesting. It seems people get scared off from investing in stocks during bear markets and after large declines so they stay out. Then the market does pretty well for awhile so the masses start deciding to get back in. Usually this occurs as the bull market is really heating up. Problem is this will cause the market to become really high and a correction or bear market will soon ensue. However, I’m not a market timer and this could take a few months or a few years before it happens so in the meantime stocks may continue to plow ahead. Instead I focus on individual companies and try to find ones that I think are still fair valued and worth owning for the long term. I think I found a couple this month and hope I won’t have too much difficulty later in the year when I have more money ready to invest.

    Thanks again!

  2. Dividend Mantra

    Feb 09. 2013


    Thanks for the mention! I just put my vote in. 🙂

    I hope you’re having a great weekend. Glad to see you’re ignoring the noise and collecting those dividends. A sound plan indeed!

    Best wishes.

  3. farcodev

    Feb 09. 2013

    “What does cause me concern however, are the new and inexperienced investors who have been holding off on purchasing stocks, waiting on the sidelines since 2009, and are now just jumping into equities.”
    If there’s something I cannot understand is how you can jump in the market when this one is high like it is now. That seems logical that if you pay too high for a stock, it worth less.
    It reminds me what I read in the Graham & Dodd book about 1929 and the euphoria of pumpers that bought stock at any (high) prices without even care if they paid too much or not.

    Valuation is the key, and even now there’s some company that are undervalued yet (but for how long, that’s the $1000 question) it’s far too be the majority.

    I think there’s not enough blog posts that remind about companies valuation, you should do one, especially useful in this particular time.

    Meanwhile I bought some bullion.

    Great post! By the way I voted and you certainly now which one 😉

    Keep it up.

  4. Brian So

    Feb 11. 2013

    Voted for ya Ninja 🙂

  5. The Dividend Ninja

    Feb 11. 2013

    Thanx everyone for the votes! 🙂


  6. Avrex

    Feb 15. 2013

    You’ve got my vote! 🙂