The Weekly Lineup: Valentines and Dividends Edition

top-canadian-finance-bloggerFirst off, Jeremy at Modest Money, is running his annual Top Canadian Finance Blogs Poll for 2014. It was even mentioned in the Globe and Mail. So it goes without saying the Dividend Ninja could use your vote and support! I’m managing to hold in the Top-10, and would love to be in the second round. 😉

Thanks in advance everyone!

I’d also like to extend my best wishes to both Jeremy (Modest Money) and Girl Meets Debt! These fellow Vancouver bloggers recently announced they are tying the knot! So congratulations to both of you, and all the best. GMD has a really cool blog going, with a unique and fun approach to talking about her debt. Her blog is already doing well! With Jeremy’s marketing and SEO background, I have no doubt this will be a blogging powerhouse team.


FC14_250x250Also be sure to check out The Financial Bloggers Conference (FinCon), which is going to be held in New Orleans for 2014. This is going to be one massive and fun event, especially in a city like New Orleans!

I attended FinCon11 and FinCon12, and it was one of the most valuable and important steps in my blogging career. Make sure to sign-up before Feb. 28th to get the discounted pass. There is also a discounted hotel rate as well for FinCon attendees, but the room block won’t last forever!

Canadian Dividends

Rob Carrick had a stellar article published back in January 10th, on the Two Minute Portfolio (2MP). This is a mini-index of the Top-20 Canadian stocks! It is simple methodology, which invests in the top 2 holdings, in each of the 10 TSX sub-indices. Many Canadian dividend investors will already have these 20 stocks in their portfolio. However, of noteworthy mention is the 2MP has beat the TSX through one to ten year periods, and even since its inception in 1986! While it may not beat the TSX every year, it’s doing a darn good job so far. Go dividends!

Speaking about beating the TSX, then you’ll likely be interested in attending this Canadian MoneySaver webinar with David Stanley of Beat the TSX, on Saturday March 22nd. I think U.S. investors will also find this webinar useful.

If you missed it, be sure to also sign up for my webinar with Canadian MoneySaver, titled “Investing for Dividends”. This is being held on May 6th with CMS Editor and i5 Research CEO, Peter Hodson. If you want a basic guide to dividend investing, how the strategy works, and even a few stock-picks, then this seminar is for you!

Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂

4 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: Valentines and Dividends Edition”

  1. I’m relatively new to blogging and came across this site. I think it’s great and we share a lot of the same investment strategies. You’ve got my vote for top blog!

    • Dividend Ninja

      Feb 17. 2014

      Awesome, thanks Dan! Will drop by and check out your blog. 🙂

  2. Hari

    Feb 17. 2014

    I found your blog via which I visit often. I like your content and will be a frequent visitor in future 🙂 Good luck with the Top Canadian Finance Blogs. Keep up your good work