The Weekly Lineup: Too Busy to Blog?

Too Busy to Blog?

One thing about blogging – it sure is a lot of work! I have more interviews lined up, a couple of articles, and some dividend screening results for investors. I’m hoping to get these all launched in June 🙂

One thing I really appreciate is readers and newsletter subscribers reaching out. I recently received a couple of emails from readers who had some good requests for future posts. Thank you!

Free e-book from the Financial Blogger

dividend-ebookThe Financial Blogger continues to provide free and pertinent information for dividend investors. Lately he has been focusing on helping the newbie to dividend investing. He launched his latest website project at the beginning of the year.

Now he’s written a complete e-book on dividend investing:  How to Build a Never Ending Cash Distributor. Written by Mike, who is a financial planner by profession, it will definitely be a valuable resource for any dividend investor. Check out his latest blog post on the e-book and don’t forget to download your copy – it’s free 🙂

The Dividend Ninja Newsletter

This week I migrated my newsletter platform from an in-house solution to Aweber. These guys provide an excellent platform for email newsletter services, with excellent customer support. I’ll be sending out my first email newsletter next Tuesday, June 7th!  I’m really excited to get this out to my subscribers and readers.

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe so you are on the list:

(Note: A special thank-you to all my previous newsletter subscribers who were most kind to re-confirm their emails with Aweber. I really appreciate you taking the extra time to do so!)

The Weekly Lineup

Here are some outstanding posts from other bloggers this week:

  • My Own Advisor wrote an excellent article on the benefits of the TFSA versus the RRSP, in I’ll Maximize my TFSA First, thanks. MOA talks about optimizing his RRSP contributions, rather than maximizing them – an excellent strategy. Excellent comment stream as well, so be sure to read.
  • Regardless of income, I argued the merits of the TFSA over the RRSP explicitly in Max Out Your TFSA, and Forget the RRSP! I pointed out that an individual is far better off maximizing their TFSA contributions first, before their RRSP.  It all comes down to taxation – pay now or pay later. I would prefer to avoid taxation in retirement!
  • Kevin Press wrote a brief review of the new documentary Too Big to Fail, which premiered on HBO last week. Based on the original 600 page book by Andrew Ross, Kevin asks is Too Big To Fail too big to televise?
  • Andrew Hallam continues to write outstanding advice for investors, especially those planning for retirement. The International Teacher’s Nine Steps to Financial Freedom has been included as a chapter in, Reviving, Retooling and Retiring for Teachers. The book is published by Michigan State University. Although it is about wellness for teachers, it does have basic financial tenets that are suitable for everyone.
  • Sigma Swan wrote a nice summary of the top free online stock screening tools in: Best Free Stock Screeners: Reviewed.
  • The Dividend Pig wrote an excellent post on Wal-Mart, at Seeking Alpha: Wal-Mart International: A True Growth Story. Dividend Pig discusses Wal-Mart’s economic moat, and its expansion into Europe and other developing countries. With 37 years of consecutive dividend increases, a five-year growth rate of 15.9%, and a payout ratio of just 29%, Wal-Mart is a company to be considering in your portfolio.
  • The Passive Income Earner wrote an excellent post on Dividend Investing With a 10/10 Rule. Tom Cameron was a guest last week on the BNN (Business News Network). He discussed the concept of how his firm only invests in stocks that raise their dividends 10% each year for 10 years. Any stock that doesn’t meet that screen gets cut from the list for 10 years!  An interesting note, as Passive Income Earner points out, the U.S. Banks were cut from the holdings before the crash!
    Watch the Howard Green Interview
    with Tom Cameron.

4 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: Too Busy to Blog?”

  1. Kevin Press

    Jun 02. 2011

    Thanks very much for the link.

  2. My Own Advisor

    Jun 03. 2011

    Thanks very much for the mention Ninja!

    I need to download that e-book, sounds very interesting. Mike is doing a great job expanding his online business. I will have to stop by and mention that to him. Kudos to him!

    Very curious to see how Aweber works for you. Sounds like a great tool!

    I look forward to those stock screens later this month.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Richard

    Jun 05. 2011

    If you are if the fortunate postion of being able to max out your RRSP then you can use the kickback to max out the TFSA.
    I know not everyone can but when the kids anre gone and the house is paid for why not take advantage of it.

  4. The Dividend Ninja

    Jun 05. 2011

    Hi Richard,

    Thanx for posting! 🙂 First of all since I am not a financial planner, I would recommend anyone in such a situation see their accountant first, and crunch the numbers.

    However I would argue for those individuals max out the 5K in the TFSA first, then put the remainder in the RRSP.

    The fact is they will be paying their full tax rate on all RRSP/RRIF withdrawals in retirement – that’s the cumulation of all their contributions and all the compounding income. I don’t know any retiree who is looking forward to paying more taxes.

    For the vast majority of Canadians the net benefit of an RRSP contribution over the TFSA, is simply not worthwhile. They are not top income earners.