The Weekly Lineup: Gulf Islands Edition

Boat Pass ~ Winter Cove ParkThis weekend I headed over to my folks place in the Gulf Islands B.C. It was nice to catch up and I haven’t seen them in a long time. I had one sunny day to enjoy so headed down to Winter Cove Provincial Park  for a nice chill and relax! It just happened to be warm and sunny for half the day.

That was followed by gourmet dinner yesterday evening – the chef used to run one of Vancouver’s leading restaurants. Halibut with strawberry, curried scalloped potatoes and an amazing sauce (wishing I took a photo), fabulous ceasar salad, red wine, and of course an amazing desert! All in all it was a great weekend – except for the weather. 🙂

It takes two ferries to get to my folks place, or you can splurge on the float-plane ($96 + taxes for 20 minutes). So tonight I get to take the 3-hour ferry ride back home, and pile on with other weekenders.

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Back in April, Modest Money, held a poll for his Top Canadian Personal Finance Blogs. It was such a success with over 500 votes, that he is now holding a poll for the Top Canadian Investing Blogs. The Ninja could sure use your support, so go over and vote for the Dividend Ninja and your other favourite investing blogs! You can vote for 5 in total, and it’s a great way to show your support for all the hard work we put into our blogs. Thanks Modest Money for creating this buzz and including the Dividend Ninja!

Daily Trade Alert

I’d also like to extend a shout-out to They are now syndicating my content, and I will be writing some articles for them in the near future! You can view my Dividend Ninja page on their site.  This is a high-profile site that gets a lot of traffic, and gets noticed!

The Weekly Lineup

Here are some other great reads from around the web:

The Passive Income Earner discusses recent concerns over Power Financial Group (PWF). One of their subsidiary mutual fund companies, Investors Group, is lowering their MER (Management Expense Ratio) fees. The bottom line is whether this will impact IG or PWF profits.

My Own Advisor (not really my advisor) discusses his plans for a prolonged low interest rate environment. Basically he is reducing his debt, keeping his debt low, and not getting lured by low interest rates. A solid plan MOA!

Vicky at Vix Money, takes a bite into analyzing one of the most popular Canadian ETFs, XBB – DEX Universe Bond Index Fund.  Stay tuned for her Ninja post on XBB and XSB coming up this week!

The Dividend Apprentice gave a short primer on choosing the right account for your dividends. Portfolio optimization is very important, and here is the bottom line. Canadian Stocks can be held in either a TFSA or RRSP and the dividends will be tax-free. U.S. stocks can only be held in an RRSP.

The Dividend Guy wrote an excellent post on ZWB (BMO covered call banks ETF) in, Covered Call ETF vs Pure Dividend Stocks. He compared his returns from holding ZWB to holding the bank stocks directly. You’ll have to read his post to see what he found out!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! 🙂

8 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: Gulf Islands Edition”

  1. Modest Money

    Jun 17. 2012

    That does sound like an awesome meal. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

    Good luck on the top Canadian investing blogs poll. You’re off to a great start. Thank you for mentioning it here and on social media. Much appreciated.

    And thanks for the other help lately too.

    • The Dividend Ninja

      Jun 17. 2012

      Modest Money ur welcome, and thanx again for including me in your investing blog competition! While winning isn’t everything, losing isn’t anything. 😉


  2. My Own Advisor

    Jun 17. 2012

    “….losing isn’t anything…” you make me laugh 🙂

    Thanks for the mention Ninja, and great stuff on making Modest Money’s list. Certainly very well deserved!

    Onwards and upwards for you!


    • The Dividend Ninja

      Jun 18. 2012

      Your on the list too buddy! 🙂 I voted for you and PIE as well.

  3. farcodev

    Jun 17. 2012

    Voted ! 😉

    Thanks for the Weekly Lineup.

  4. Vix Money

    Jun 18. 2012

    The meal sounds amazing; you have to remember to take pictures next time! 🙂

    Thanks for the mention! And, OF COURSE, I voted for you! Good luck!


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