The Weekly Lineup – Giveaways and Great Blogs Edition

[easyazon-image-link asin=”0965175081″ alt=”The Single Best Investment: Creating Wealth with Dividend Growth” src=”” align=”left” width=”200″ height=303″]This week markets continued their meteoric rise, after a recent slump in May. As I mentioned in my last post, with cash to invest it was getting difficult to find stocks that were attractively priced. In the end I simply decided to top-up current holdings, and keep the cogs in the dividend and bond machine moving. I’m pretty confident with my buys of BNS, RY and topping up on CLF.

Coca-Cola (KO) split their shares in a 2:1 for stock split last week, putting a smile on the face of many long-term dividend investors! For new investors it makes KO much more affordable per share as well – though watch for a possible post-split-bounce. 😉 Cisco Systems (CSCO) exceeded analysts’ expectations, and the price surged nearly 10% from Thursday lows of $17.35 to close Friday at $19.06 per share. Cisco (CSCO) now has a dividend yield close to 2% with some great potential for future growth. After holding this puppy for over 20 months, I let it go in early August fearing another recurrence of missed earnings as in May.  OOPS! – forgot why I was value investing in the first place!

The Weekly Lineup

Here are some great posts I really enjoyed from around the web:

My Own Advisor (not really my advisor) had a great post on, How many dividend stocks are enough? This is one of those questions that really comes to light for those investors with substantial portfolios. In [easyazon-link asin=”0965175081″]The Single Best Investment[/easyazon-link], Lowell Miller suggests 30 to 40 stocks is the magic number (see pg. 172). He points out anything less does not give you enough diversification, and above that leads to over diversification. Miller found that portfolio performance dropped substantially from over diversification, and while dampening volatility was more likely to simply follow the index.

My good friend Vicky, wrote a couple of great posts on iShares 1-5 year laddered ETFs, CLF (back in July) and recently on CBO. Very thorough!

If you missed it in my last post, check out Andrew’s write-up on the Canadian banks, in Portfolio Update – Buying TD Bank.  He gives some interesting data on the ten-year returns.

The Dividend Mantra is back after a nice summer break, and he’s been writing some pretty good posts! Check out his Recent Buy and his post on Finding Value in This Market.

The Dividend Monk wrote a great post on the American Lifecos, in his post Three Insurance Stocks Quietly Raising Dividends Year After Year.

A new blogger I’ve really enjoyed following is Dividends For The Long Run. In his recent post, he looks at one of the pitfalls of deep-value investing, in  Would You Accept a 50% Loss? What do you do when your position loses 50%? Do you buy or do you hold?  This is a nice article on this age old question of value investing.

The Web Ninja $200 Amazon Giveaway

In case you missed it, I’m doing a $200 Amazon Giveaway over on my other website The Web Ninja, to help get the word out! You have to jump through at least one hoop to enter. 😉 I’m giving away one $100 Amazon gift certificate to one lucky winner! I’m also going to give away 2 more $50 Amazon gift certificates, for a total of three prizes to be won!  This is turning out to be a popular giveaway.

The Draw ends on Wednesday August 29th, so be sure to enter!

Did I miss your great dividend post for the week? If so drop me a message and I’ll be glad to include you in next time around!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 😉

9 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup – Giveaways and Great Blogs Edition”

  1. Dividend Mantra

    Aug 19. 2012

    Great list of articles here. Thanks for including me!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • The Dividend Ninja

      Aug 19. 2012

      Mantra, no problem! I’m always pleased to promote your posts and dividend journey… 😉


  2. farcodev

    Aug 19. 2012

    Thanks for this post full of information.
    The book you show at the top seems to be a complete bible, just ordered on Amazon today.

    Enjoy the rest of you weekend 🙂

    • The Dividend Ninja

      Aug 19. 2012

      FarcoDev, you will love the book! 🙂


      • farcodev

        Aug 20. 2012

        Thank you DN, you’re really a positive and motivating person for me, we should have more people like you 🙂

  3. Vicky

    Aug 19. 2012

    Thanks for the double mention! I’ll definitely spread the word about your great giveaway! 🙂

  4. Ryan

    Aug 19. 2012

    You have listed some great articles here. It is also nice to see you have stocks and ETFs listed separately in your menu. I think a lot of novice investors will easily get the two confused when they are doing research on dividends.

  5. Andrew

    Aug 22. 2012

    Thanks for the mention! That’s an excellent give away, $200 for free sounds good 🙂