Predicting the markets

What Should I Invest In for 2012? Part-2

As mentioned in Part-1 of this series, I set out to write a wrap-up of investing strategies for 2012. While I was writing the post, the thought occurred to me why not ask the other well known bloggers and financial writers what they think? I was delighted with the response I received, and it’s now turned into this much larger two-part post. Here is a recap what I sent them, hoping for a small paragraph: “Short of hauling out the crystal ball, because your guess is as good as mine, I also wanted ...

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Susan P Brunner

Susan P. Brunner Interview – What It Takes to Live Off of Dividends

Susan P. Brunner has over 40 years of investing experience. She started investing in the 1970s, and by 1999, she was able to stop working and live mostly off her dividends. Susan is a dividend stock investor, and over the years she has tried many different investment approaches and strategies. When I asked her about this, Susan said that she tried them all, but dividend stock investing has been the strategy that has worked for her. Back in April, I published my controversial post on living off dividend ...

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