Foreign stock markets

In What Account Should Canadians Hold International (Non U.S.) Dividend Stocks?

The following post is written by Brian So, an insurance advisor and blogger at Since my last post generated a lot of interesting discussions on which account to hold US stocks and ETFs, I’ll follow it up with a post on the impact of withholding taxes of holding (non-US) international dividend stocks in different accounts. Canada does not just have tax treaties with the US with respect to dividends paid to Canadians from US stocks. We also have tax treaties with 89 other countries ...

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Bad day in the market with mutual funds

Why Canadians Should Avoid Mutual Funds

This article was originally published on The Dividend Pig, as part of the Financial Literacy Day campaign, in Why You Should Avoid Mutual Funds. According to Andrew Hallam, from Millionaire Teacher, Canadians are in the last spot at 18 out of 18, paying the highest mutual fund fees in the entire world! (Millionaire Teacher, pg.54) Back in November, as part of the Financial Literacy Day campaign, I wrote about why you should start investing now. My point was to show how easily a nominal $25 per week ...

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Don’t Be Taken Advantage of by “Teddy KGB”

The following is a guest post by Wealth Effect Blogger. For more information about the author please visit In the movie Rounders there is a scene where John Malkovich’s character, “Teddy KGB”, and Matt Damon’s character just finish a high stakes round of poker. Matt is smiling as he collects the money in the pot after winning the round. Instead of getting mad, Teddy KGB boasts how he is simply paying Matt’s character back with some of the money Matt lost to ...

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IGM Financial Versus CIX and AGF

As a dividend investor I’m always on the lookout for a higher dividend yield with excellent metrics. Usually that is a hard fit to come by, since the higher the yield the higher the risk. An area that has come across my radar recently, are the Canadian asset management companies, which primarily sell mutual funds and provide wealth management services. I view this sector as an added level of diversification in the financial industry to banks and lifecos (life insurance companies). The Asset Management ...

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