Recent Buy: Teck Resources and Barrick Gold

In a previous post on The Dividend Pig, I discussed opportunity in the Canadian mining sector. As I discussed in that post, many investors overlook mining stocks as dividend growth companies, because of their lower dividend yields. Yet these are “dividend growth” companies many with strong balance sheets. They have recently raised their dividends, and have more potential for share price increase. Take Potash Corp. (POT) as an example which recently raised its dividend by a whopping 33%! In that ...

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Dump truck in open-pit mine

Opportunity in the Canadian Mining Sector

I’ve written a guest post over on The Dividend Pig. It was easy to get my post approved. 🙂 The post is titled, Opportunity in the Canadian Mining Sector.  It is a review of three Canadian mining stocks listed on the NYSE, and is intended for U.S. investors who may not be familiar with Canadian resource companies. I review the sector in relation to its possible value play, as well as briefly review three company fundamentals. Here is a snippet: “Many investors don’t think of mining ...

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