Bad day in the market with mutual funds

Why Canadians Should Avoid Mutual Funds

This article was originally published on The Dividend Pig, as part of the Financial Literacy Day campaign, in Why You Should Avoid Mutual Funds. According to Andrew Hallam, from Millionaire Teacher, Canadians are in the last spot at 18 out of 18, paying the highest mutual fund fees in the entire world! (Millionaire Teacher, pg.54) Back in November, as part of the Financial Literacy Day campaign, I wrote about why you should start investing now. My point was to show how easily a nominal $25 per week ...

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Why You Should Start Investing Now!

November is Financial Literacy Month! That’s right a whole month dedicated to educating and helping Canadians to become more financially independent, and more aware of their finances.  I was asked last month if I would like to participate in this national media campaign, spearheaded by Glenn Cooke, and present my best financial tip to readers. Of course I said yes! As a financial blogger, helping to educate Canadians about their finances is one of the reasons why I write. Many Canadians are not ...

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Would the Real “Fund” Please Stand Up!

In this two part series, I examine some of the basic funds and ETFs available, and why most investors would be better off sticking with index funds and index ETFs. Part-1 is a basic definition of mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs. In Part-2, I cover the different types of ETFs in more detail. I also cover the associated risks with many of the actively-managed ETFs on the market. Part-1: Mutual Funds, Index Funds, and ETFs Confused about the differences between mutual funds, index funds, and all ...

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