Dividend Fund Managers Are Buying Apple?

written by Hank Coleman Mutual fund managers are getting confused. It seems like more fund managers are deviating from their fund’s stated focus and suffering from style drift in order to own one of the hottest stocks of the past decade. More than 40 dividend funds have recently bought shares of Apple even though the company does not yet issue a dividend. Even mutual funds that focus on small companies have gotten into the act. Over 50 small capitalization and mid-cap mutual funds have bought shares ...

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Using Dividends For Passive Income In Retirement

written by Hank Coleman My father-in-law was a bank executive for over thirty years at a large regional bank in the United States, and he amassed quite a bit of his company’s stock through options over his career. Now, in addition to his pension, he also has quarterly dividends that support him in retirement. That is the beauty of dividends. They are truly a passive income investment in most cases, and they can often help you to get more out of your finite investment resources than other options ...

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Five Reasons I Love Investing With DRIPs

This is a guest post from Hank Coleman who writes about personal finance, money, and investing on his blog, Money Q&A.  Although the article is directed towards U.S. investors, DRIPs are essentially the same here in Canada. I love investing in dividend reinvestment plans, also known simply by their acronym, DRIP, pronounced like a drip that comes out of your faucet. They are an easy way to invest directly in shares of stock of a company and skip your stock brokerage firm and their commission. ...

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