Gold Bullion Bars

Are Gold Stocks Cheap? Factors that Increase the Price of Gold

As a dividend investor, I certainly would never have considered gold stocks as a possible investment for my portfolio. In fact, I haven’t even invested in gold, and have missed the big run-up in gold bullion over the last few years. I’ve always considered gold and gold stocks as speculative investments to be avoided. However, the price of gold bullion and the share value of gold producers are not always correlated. Currently gold is only 7% off its March highs, with a troy ounce of gold currently ...

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Recent Buy: Teck Resources and Barrick Gold

In a previous post on The Dividend Pig, I discussed opportunity in the Canadian mining sector. As I discussed in that post, many investors overlook mining stocks as dividend growth companies, because of their lower dividend yields. Yet these are “dividend growth” companies many with strong balance sheets. They have recently raised their dividends, and have more potential for share price increase. Take Potash Corp. (POT) as an example which recently raised its dividend by a whopping 33%! In that ...

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Barrick Gold vs. Goldcorp

Back in April I wrote an interesting post asking the question Are Gold Stocks Cheap?  In that post I looked at the two leading gold producers, Barrick Gold (ABX), and Goldcorp Inc. (G). Both these multi-billion dollar companies trade on the TSX, but they are by production tonnes and profit, the world’s leading gold miners and gold producers. They generally have solid fundamentals, low debt, and pay a dividend. Like most mining companies the dividend yield is lower.  Many low dividend yield stocks ...

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