The Dividend Payout Ratio

What Is a Good Dividend Payout Ratio for Investors

Portions of this article were originally published in the Canadian MoneySaver, and it is posted here with permission. For more information visit Many dividend investors go to great lengths to screen dividend stocks. If you stick with the big dividend aristocrats or other big blue chips, you will do just fine. Some of these companies have been paying dividends for over 50 to 100 years! The economic stability of a company like that, which also increases its dividends year ...

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Foreign stock markets

In What Account Should Canadians Hold International (Non U.S.) Dividend Stocks?

The following post is written by Brian So, an insurance advisor and blogger at Since my last post generated a lot of interesting discussions on which account to hold US stocks and ETFs, I’ll follow it up with a post on the impact of withholding taxes of holding (non-US) international dividend stocks in different accounts. Canada does not just have tax treaties with the US with respect to dividends paid to Canadians from US stocks. We also have tax treaties with 89 other countries ...

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Using Dividends For Passive Income In Retirement

written by Hank Coleman My father-in-law was a bank executive for over thirty years at a large regional bank in the United States, and he amassed quite a bit of his company’s stock through options over his career. Now, in addition to his pension, he also has quarterly dividends that support him in retirement. That is the beauty of dividends. They are truly a passive income investment in most cases, and they can often help you to get more out of your finite investment resources than other options ...

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Susan P Brunner

Susan P. Brunner Interview – What It Takes to Live Off of Dividends

Susan P. Brunner has over 40 years of investing experience. She started investing in the 1970s, and by 1999, she was able to stop working and live mostly off her dividends. Susan is a dividend stock investor, and over the years she has tried many different investment approaches and strategies. When I asked her about this, Susan said that she tried them all, but dividend stock investing has been the strategy that has worked for her. Back in April, I published my controversial post on living off dividend ...

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