Dan Bortolotti

Dan Bortolotti Interview – Debunking Dividend Myths

For those of you who don’t know Dan, he is an advocate for Index Investing, and his knowledge of this subject is extensive. His blog the Canadian Couch Potato is a fantastic resource for both the novice and experienced investor. Dan is also an accomplished author, and for more than 10 years he has contributed regular articles for Canada’s MoneySense magazine. This interview is inspired from the Debunking Dividend Myths series which Dan wrote on his blog in January and February 2011. To say the ...

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Financial Forecaster

What Should I Invest In for 2012? Part-1

I originally set out to write a wrap-up of investing strategies for 2012. The focus of the article was going to be much the same propaganda I usually spout, such as keeping a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds, sticking with a plan through thick and thin, investing in solid dividend paying stocks, and not getting lured into the high yield trap etc. But I’ve said that so many times before… While I was writing this post, the thought occurred to me why not ask the other well known bloggers ...

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How to Bake a Potato (Ninja Style)

If you found this post because you don’t know how long to put a potato in the microwave for, then you are definitely on the wrong blog! I’m talking about the Couch Potato investment strategy, or basically “Passive Index Investing”, made popular by the Canadian Couch Potato. Why Bother Baking a Potato? Recently, Andrew Hallam (a well respected investment blogger) made a large scale move in his portfolio, selling some 700K of winning stocks to reinvest into Index ETF’s. Why? Good question. ...

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My Stock Picks for 2011

Happy New Year! What would the beginning of 2011 be without a list of great stocks to invest in? I wanted to find solid blue-chips that had either been trading at their lows, were punished for lower than expected earnings, and were poised for a rally. I also wanted to look at sectors I think will do well in the coming years. Oil, technology, and big consumer food and entertainment companies could be the winners. You will notice I haven’t included any Income Trusts in my list. I certainly think ...

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