Investing in Canadian Stocks

Is It a Good Idea to Diversify Your Financial Portfolio into Canada as Well?

The Canadian economy has turned the corner, driven in large part by an increase in business investment, gains in household wealth, and expansionary prospects vis-à-vis fiscal policy. The Canadian economy is heavily reliant on commodity prices, and a turnaround in the price of crude oil, gold, iron ore, and related commodities is helping to boost Canadian GDP. The Bank of Canada (BOC) expects inflation to surpass the 2% benchmark which may help your financial portfolio. Wage growth is increasing ...

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Crushing Debt – Why Canadians Should Drop Everything and Pay Off Debt

Post-Christmas is the time of year when people sit down and make their New Year’s resolutions.  I won’t cause you undue boredom with my New Year’s resolutions of how I need to get back to running 10K three times a week, set aside more money for investing, and pay off my credit card in full every month etc. 😉 The last point is pertinent, because Canadians are amassing enormous debts on their credit cards and lines of credit. Crushing Debt: Why ...

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