The Weekly Lineup: Summer Continues Edition

Vancouver Sea WallWe’ve been pretty blessed in Vancouver, the weather this week is just amazing!  It was a nice sunny day at 26°C and continuing through the weekend as well 🙂 I certainly ended up with the right days off work! Obviously sitting in front of the computer writing about dividends and coding up web pages was not going to happen. It was a hard decision to make yesterday afternoon, take a hike to the beach or do some landscaping in the front yard. LOL landscaping won out, and today I’m laying out a walkway in the back yard, followed by BBQ!

The Weekly Lineup

This week, there were some exceptional posts around the web. Although I have some articles in the works, I want to share with you some of these outstanding posts from other bloggers.  For your weekend reading:

  • Andrew Hallam wrote an outstanding profile of a couple he knows teaching in Singapore, in What to Do When Your Financially Failing. Andrew discusses how their lack of a pension, as well as a lack of entitlement to government benefits, will impact them in their retired years.  While you may think $180K is a nice chunk of change they have saved, Andrew points out it won’t be if they have no other benefits to rely on!
  • If you have been following Andrew Hallam’s blog, you will also know he sold over 700K of dividend paying stocks back in January, and placed the proceeds into his favourite index ETFs. In this recent post, Do I Regret Selling $700,000 Worth of Stocks, Andrew looks back at his decision, and crunches the numbers to see if he came out ahead. You’ll have to read the post to find out 😉
  • Robert Wasilewski at Do-It-Yourself I Investor wrote an exceptional three-part series on how to Create a Dividend Table. The advice and methodology is excellent! Be sure to read all three parts to the series, as he covers a different aspect in each part. At some point I should also share with readers my excel spreadsheets – as they are also quite simple to use 🙂
  • My Own Advisor wrote a great post for Canadians looking at equity ETFs. He covered his top picks in My favourite Canadian equity ETFs, what he likes about them, what he doesn’t, and which ones he owns!  It’s a great post for those Canadians looking to add a Canadian Equity ETF to their holdings.
  • Following his series on the Permanent Portfolio, the Canadian Couch potato analyzes the relationship between gold and inflation, and asks Is Gold a Hedge Against Inflation?
  • In his recent post Guide to DRIPping, the Passive Income Earner covers the pros and cons of various DRIP and dividend strategies. For those who aren’t aware, DRIPS are Dividend Reinvestment Plans, where a broker or transfer agent will purchase new shares with the proceeds of your dividend income. This post covers the basics nicely!
  • The Wealthy Canadian is on a roll, and continues to write exceptional posts. He just wrote an in-depth two part review on Rob Carrick’s book, in Rob Carrick’s Guide, Part-1 and Part-2. This two-part review is a must read!
  • Coincidentally two of my favourite bloggers wrote about millionaires and frugality this week. My Own Advisor wrote Millionaire Millionists, and The Wealthy Canadian wrote 10 Things About Millionaires You Probably Didn’t Know.

Have a great weekend everyone!

4 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: Summer Continues Edition”

  1. My Own Advisor

    Sep 09. 2011

    Thanks for the mention Ninja!

    I liked the Intel article this past week – I thought you did a good job staying objective on that one.


  2. The Dividend Ninja

    Sep 10. 2011

    MOA thanks! Yah I had a lot of fun with the Intel article for DSO 🙂

  3. The Wealthy Canadian

    Sep 10. 2011

    Hi Ninja,

    Thanks for the mentions, I really appreciate it.

    How was the BBQ? Seems like you were able to enjoy some nice sunshine, which is always a good thing. 🙂

    As usual, I look forward to your upcoming articles and what you have in the works.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. DIY Investor

    Sep 16. 2011

    Thanks for the mention and the list of articles. I’d look forward to your spreadsheets.