Stock Trades ~ November 2010


A Stop Loss was triggered for Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN-T) @ $12.75 on November 9th, for a net profit of $308.25 . A few more of those trades and I’m getting some good returns, and reduced commissions as well. I really liked Pengrowth since it has great growth potential, and an excellent dividend yield. So I was sad to see it sold, but I stick to my plan. Stop Losses help prevent real losses and maximize profits. I will buy Pengrowth again should the price decline or there is a breakout.

From the proceeds of Pengrowth I purchased 50 shares of Rogers Communications (RCI.B) @ $36.25 on November 11th. Rogers declined on October 26th,ย  from missed earnings reports, and was on my watch-list. So I was pleased to purchase the stock at a discount. My target price on Rogers is $40 to $41 per share, which I expect to achieve by January 2011.

My next purchase will be 50 shares of Cisco Systems (CSCO) next week, as long as I am able to purchase under US $20 per share. The massive sell-off on November 11th, pummeled the stock – which is now at $19.61 US per share, nearly a 20% discount. Cisco is also offering a dividend in 2011, which makes it attractive should I need to hold the stock for the long term.

Company Symbol Bought Sold Shares Buy Price Sell Price Net Profit % Profit
Pengrowth Energy PGF.UN-T 11-Aug-10 9-Nov-10 125 10.03 12.75 $308.25 23.5%
Rogers Communications RCI.B-T 11-Nov-10 50 36.25 41.00
2010 Net Profits $308.25

6 thoughts on “Stock Trades ~ November 2010”

  1. Hey BTI, Yah its TD Waterhouse which is currently $29 per trade, so that is $29×2=$58. When I get to 50K then it will be $9.99 per trade. I looked at scotia itrade but they had lots of inactivity fees admin fees etc. Who would you recommend ?

    Yah I’m pretty pleased with PGF. Originally I thought I sold too early, but the volume spike and rounded top seems to confirm I made the right choice.

    Thanks for dropping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey Ninja,

    I Think it might be time to get back into Pengrowth. 5,13, and 20dma are all moving back up. I think it is in the next stage of a run.


  3. Did you make any moves? It sure did today. With Oil up and gas looking increasingly attractive I think this co is looking good.

  4. @MA
    Yes I did buy back in last week at 12.50, next time I buy and hold or keep a wider stop loss ๐Ÿ™‚ ECA, HSE are also good stocks to own now, but they need another dip before buying.

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