Mobile Apps That Help You Become a Better Investor

Everyone has spare change, right? Well, let’s start doing something with it. How? By using your smartphone. You have one, right? Whether you’re using an Android or Apple device, mobile apps are growing for first-time and experienced investors who want investment information at their fingertips. Here are some unbelievable mobile investment apps, some with $0 monthly fees.

1. Acorns

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It’s easy to link your credit or debit card to the Acorns app. From there, your purchases round up and the difference is invested into a portfolio of index funds. This is a quick and easy way to invest your change from everyday purchases and grow your investments at the same time. Just note one caveat: invest often to get rid of big monthly charges.

2. Motif Explorer

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This app creates fun for the small investor. Motif Explorer researches trends and related world events, and then suggests opportunities based on 30 related Motif stocks. There’s a minimum $250 investment and a $9.95 monthly charge. Of course, mobile apps for investing are growing quickly.

3. Robinhood

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Because this app does not charge fees, it’s perfect for the beginning investor. It’s simple, easy to use, has account protection and real-time information. Invest in Google Ventures or funds like Coke. Before you know it, your account is growing. Also, having this app on a smartphone with a big HD screen like the Samsung Galaxy 5 is beneficial and will let you use the app to its fullest potential.

4. Benzinga

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For social media fans, Benzinga gives you the opportunity to Tweet and share content on social media networks. Plus, setting up a push notification when the stock you’re following goes up or down makes investing simple.

5. Loyal 3 for IOS

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Beginner investors get a chance to invest in IPOs and stocks including brands like Amazon, Coke, and Best Buy. Loyal 3 has no fees to buy or sell, and no minimum start-up amount. It’s as easy as standing in line at a checkout counter and observing up to the minute changes, and then managing your portfolio. What can get better than that?

6. Real Time

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Real Time is one of the most compact and comprehensive stock app in the world. Get free streaming, instant quotes, and multiple portfolio management tools. Set up push notifications for futures and global indexes. Educate yourself a little at a time and watch that change grow into dollars in no time.

The stock apps of today are fresh, new, and informative. This article will get you a head start on the many applications available for downloading. Once you get a few, study them, see how they work, then start investing that pocket change. Gone are the days of 20 years ago when you had to call your broker dozens of times a day to get the latest information. Now, there are plenty of mobile apps at your fingertips for the beginner or pro investor. So, get started—research and then act. You’ll be happy you did.

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