Important Message for RSS Subscribers

RSS NinjaDuring the last two days, AWeber Communications has been under a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack.

This attack has caused a complete failure of both the AWeber website, and all associated client and email services. I am confident AWeber will be able to restore their services, and I certainly wish them the best during this time.

AWeber currently handles both my RSS feed by email as well as the newsletter. Although I was originally using Google FeedBurner, I discussed my reasons why I had switched to AWeber for delivering my RSS feed. Those reasons haven’t changed.

However, in the short-term, AWeber is proving to be an unreliable means for delivering content to you – my readers.

Since many of you are already signed up with FeedBurner, switching back made the most sense. Therefore, effective earlier today, I have migrated the RSS Subscription service back to Google FeedBurner:

The Dividend Ninja RSS Feed   

If you were already subscribed to FeedBurner before the switch to AWeber, you shouldn’t need to do anything. You are already subscribed to FeedBurner, and will now receive my blog posts from FeedBurner as you were before.

If you subscribed to the  Dividend Ninja RSS Feed (Blog Posts) after September 1st, 2013, then you can subscribe to FeedBurner, at the link above. You can do so with either a feed reader or by email. Don’t worry, FeedBurner is safe and secure, easy to unsubscribe from, and you certainly won’t be spammed.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. I do of course wish AWeber the best through this difficult time.

3 Responses to “Important Message for RSS Subscribers”

  1. Dividenden-Sammler

    Feb 26. 2014

    Hi Avrom,

    I have a Feedreader programm with the name “Feedreader” from i-systems.
    I have received every feed from you without problems…

    I hope that AWeber everything gets to grips again!

    Best regards

    • Dividend Ninja

      Feb 26. 2014


      Good to know! This is for the email subscribers who switched with me last September from FeedBurner to AWeber.

      Thanx for the continued support!

  2. My Own Advisor

    Feb 26. 2014

    Geez, good to know. I hope they solve their issues soon!

    Glad you’re a whiz at this stuff!