Hello AWeber, Bye Bye FeedBurner!

RSS NinjaDear Readers,

As you know, the Dividend Ninja blog posts get delivered to your RSS reader or to your email inbox. This is done via Google’s FeedBurner service. What you may not know, is that the days may be numbered for FeedBurner.

Considering the likely demise of FeedBurner, I am moving the Dividend Ninja Blog Posts (RSS Feed) to AWeber. September 15th, 2013 is moving day! I’m asking all my loyal FeedBurner readers to come and join me at my new home on AWeber.

Signup for the Blog Posts.

What’s Up with FeedBurner?

Back on July 1st, 2013 (Happy Canada Day) Google shelved its much beloved Feed Reader. Before that they abandoned their AdSense for Feeds program – which nobody liked anyway. In both cases the warning signs were on the wall months before the services were shelved. These signs ranged from a general lack of interest in their own products, to broken and unsupported APIs. Google also abandoned or minimally updated the corresponding social media accounts. Although it has not been officially announced, the same appears destined for FeedBurner.  The API for FeedBurner subscriber counts is now broken and unsupported, and the FeedBurner twitter account is virtually dead.

Many of us in the blogging and web industry, believe it’s only a matter of time before Google also axes and shelves the FeedBurner service. This is a BIG issue among bloggers, since most of us use the service to deliver our blog posts to you – our readers. In many cases, bloggers have thousands of loyal subscribers on FeedBurner that took years to build up – that’s a big deal. If Google did can FeedBurner, they would likely give plenty of notice. However, bloggers who don’t use Google Blogger®, should become aware of their options for a FeedBurner replacement.

Signup Before Moving Day!

Many of you are already familiar with AWeber, since you receive the Dividend Ninja Newsletter through this service. Now you will be using the same service to get the RSS Feed (Blog Posts). Even if you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll still need to signup (see Q&A below).

Signup for the Blog Posts

I’ll deactivate the FeedBurner service around September 15th, 2013. If you haven’t signed up by then, you will no longer receive the Dividend Ninja blog posts in your inbox.

Questions and Answers

Q. I’m already signed up for the Dividend Ninja Newsletter. You’re asking me to sign up twice?

A. YES you need to subscribe to the Dividend Ninja Blog Posts separately from the Dividend Ninja Newsletter. These are two separate lists.

It’s only fair you receive emails you actually signed up to receive. This is called a double opt-in policy. It would be poor email marketing practice, and against AWeber and CAN SPAM policies, for me to subscribe you without your permission. Therefore you need to sign up even if you are on the Newsletter.

Q. Are you just going to add me onto your list, and then spam me with special offers?

A. Would the Ninja do that? Definitely not. When you subscribe to the Dividend Ninja blog posts, you will only receive the blog posts when they are published – nothing else.  You can also unsubscribe at any time you wish.

Q. How often will I receive emails?

A. You’ll receive the Dividend Ninja blog posts only when they are published. No new content, no email for you.

Q. When will you flip the switch?

A. September 15th, 2013 is the target date. If you subscribed with FeedBurner and didn’t signup with AWeber by that time, you will no longer receive the Dividend Ninja blogs posts in your inbox.

Don’t miss out!

Signup for the Blog Posts  (RRS Feed) and get on board!  🙂

11 Responses to “Hello AWeber, Bye Bye FeedBurner!”

  1. My Own Advisor

    Sep 02. 2013

    I think the way you’ve done this is great. Aweber seems like a great, trusted service.

    I hope to go with them this fall as well.

    Great work.

    And yes, already signed up my gmail address!


    • The Dividend Ninja

      Sep 02. 2013

      Mark, thanx a bunch!

      Since I already decided to move to AWeber, it was just a case of sitting down and working out the details. I decided to build up the subscribership first before acutally making the switch. This gives readers time to signup, and gives me time to work out the details.

      Let me know when your’e ready, and I’ll point you in the right direction.


  2. alexander

    Sep 03. 2013

    I am using an RSS reader called feedhopper, how can I suscribe to your new Aweber posts? Do I need an .xml address?

    • The Dividend Ninja

      Sep 03. 2013

      Hey Alexander,

      You bring up a really good question! AWeber blog broadcasts are really for email delivery only. However I have a couple of solutions to help:

      1. You will still be able to access the feed directly. Point your feed reader to the same URL:


      (this feed link was revised)

      2. The template I’m using had RSS Icons available for the main page and different categories etc. I’ll enable those back in to help people such as yourself, who use RSS Readers.

      I’ll also make a point to get a proper subscribe page that not only has the signup form but also has the URL for feed readers as well. I’ll point the RSS Icon to that page once it’s done.

      Let me know if that works. 🙂


      • alexander

        Sep 03. 2013

        I like option 2, please let me know whether i have to do something on my end or just wait for you to put the RSS icons back in the page.


        • The Dividend Ninja

          Sep 03. 2013

          Hi Alexander, thanx very much!

          I now have orange RSS Icon pointing to my Feed for those of you with RSS Readers (option 1). Let me know if you now get the full article in your reader… 😉


          • alexander

            Sep 04. 2013

            Thanks Avrom
            I imagine i have to subscribe (using the orange icon) after Sept. 15 as right now that icon points to “feeds.feedburner.com/dividend-ninja”

            please confirm that,


            • The Dividend Ninja

              Sep 04. 2013

              Alexander, yes I’m leaving the FeedBurner feed in place, as long as Google will allow that. If I serve the feed it would be too much bandwidth (thousands of extra hits).

              After the 15th, the feed will still update but without subscription services. Since you are using a feed reader, that already points to that feed, you shouldn’t need to do anything. It should be seamless.

              More complicated than trying to figure out an ETF! eh?

              Don’t worry, if things change I’ll let everyone know. Thanx again for helping me out with this.. 😉


  3. Zach @ Dividend Ladder

    Sep 03. 2013

    Aweber is such a great product. Glad to see you are moving over to their service. Everyone will be better for the change.

    • The Dividend Ninja

      Sep 03. 2013

      Zach, been using the AWeber for the newsletter for a while, and very impressed. I’ll probably just use AWeber for everything now… But there are still a lot of people using feed readers – have to keep everyone happy. 🙂



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