The Weekly Lineup: From Dividend Myths to Dollar Stores

Couch Potato with SunglassesEnd of a Series

The Canadian Couch Potato continues his epic Debunking Dividend Myths, Part-6. In the final episode, Dan grows a beard and wears sunglasses in public to hide his true identity, but gets stalked by a Ninja hiding in a tree. Well not exactly – you will have to read the comments to find out! While I was hoping for syndication, it looks like there will be no more debunking. Alas, dividend investors are free! (Echo it’s safe now)

In this post, Dan challenges the infamous “yield-to-cost” argument.  One thing is certain, dividend investors and couch potatoes have very different investment strategies.  Index investors rely on overall broad market gains and dividend investors rely primarily on compounding income. This has been a fascinating series of posts for all investors alike – I’m sure we will see a Money Sense article in the next issue. Congratulations Dan on all your hard work, research, and foresight! (thumbs up)

The Weekly Lineup

Since the Dividend Ninja had nothing original to say this week, here is the Weekly (and not so weekly) Lineup:

  • Why drinking beer is more profitable than individual stock picking! A short lesson in humility since it was written in 2008 during the infamous crash – Today’s Humor:  Investment Advice. Good news Mark, aluminum stocks did slightly better!
  • The Dow looks ready to take up the slack. Many Dow stocks are trading at historical discounts, based on earnings. Jake Lynch looks at 16 Dow Stocks trading at 5 year discounts. Again my favourite is McDonalds – if only I had some McMoney to McVest!
  • Realized Returns discusses the basics of the Smith Manoeuvre, and why he thinks it’s a sure thing for Canadian home owners. (Or how I manoeuvred my loan payment, and why I now live in a cardboard box – sorry Hun I forgot to tell you I…) 🙂 Thanks Jaymus for the mention in your Looking Back at January 2011 post as well! I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work.
  • The Dividend Pig continues to squeal over a good deal, in this post a brief comparison of the discount and dollar store industry. Definitely going cheap has its advantages!
  • If you are interested in knowing which Canadian Dividend stocks are in the big coveted index, check out TSX60 Index: Who is in it? from the Passive Income Earner. Hey that would be fun, own all 60 stocks by the time I turn 60! Does that give me 60% yield to cost?
  • As you know Canadian dividend investors also love the Canadian banks!  This week it’s an in depth analysis of CIBC by the Passive Income Earner, and the Bank of Nova Scotia by The Dividend Guy. While I’m not showing love for the banks, it’s good to know I get back a fraction of the service charges I pay – as dividends. Sock it to the banks!
  • Echo discusses the importance of Credit Report Scoring for Canadians, how you can obtain it, and why you should pay the nominal fee for the credit score. Next time you go for that Interest Only Line of Credit, you want to make sure your credit report is nice and clean. Good post!
  • My Own Advisor provides a detailed summary of his future retirement in the Coles Notes Version of Our Retirement Plan. This is another valuable post, which shows us something we should all seriously take the time to do – map our retirement and our investments!


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5 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: From Dividend Myths to Dollar Stores”

  1. Thanks for including me!

  2. Canadian Couch Potato

    Feb 04. 2011

    @Ninja: Thanks for the mention. For my next series I’ve decided to take on something less controversial: the Israel-Palestine question, or maybe evolution versus creationism. Stay tuned. 😉

  3. My Own Advisor

    Feb 05. 2011

    Ninja, thanks for the mention!

    I’d like to see a post about your retirement plan, Coles Notes verion or otherwise. I would think folks like Passive Income Earner, Echo, you and I probably have similar plans; dividend income here, RRSPs and some ETFs there, with a dash of pension for good measure.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for the mention! My round up of the top 5 banks is complete.

    @My Own Advisor
    I believe you are correct that we are sailing the same ship!

  5. Echo

    Feb 10. 2011

    Thanks for the mention, sorry for the late reply…I was in hiding 🙂