The Weekly Lineup: From Denison to Dividends

Here’s what tickled my fancy in dividend stocks this week. These are posts or links that provide solid information on dividend investing or market outlooks:

  • Passive Income Earner takes a detailed look at the TSX Dividends Aristocrats Index. If you’re not familiar with these stocks, you should really take look! These are the big guys in Canada that raise their dividends every year.  Buy, hold, and collect dividends!
  • Passive Income Earner also reviews the Bank of Montreal compared to its peers. BMO has done well this year from its dip in December, and has a generous dividend yield of 4.8%.
  • If you’re new to Dividend Investing, then Learn Dividends is the site for you. No commercial hype on this site, it’s all well laid out and easy to read.  Dividend Investing 101!
  • Lots of great tidbits at Horan Capital Advisors. From triple-tops in gold, dividend-payers, and a 2011 market outlook, there is a little something for everyone. Short and brief articles here, but some interesting insights to ponder for 2011.
  • Jaymus at Realized Returns is big on Denison Mines.  He’s been studying this one for a while, so good information here if you want to make a Uranium and diversified mining play.

The DIV-Net

Special mention goes to the Dividend Investing and Value Network this week, for their out-of-the-blue invitation. It means a lot when your peers find value and quality in your work, and are willing to support you.  If you are new to dividend investing this site is an excellent resource.

Stocks on the Move

Also, some interesting moves this week on George Weston (WN) and Encana (ECA). While the day-traders dumped George Weston (WN) on the special ex-dividend open, I’ll tell you why I’m holding. McDonald’s Corp (MCD) is starting to look tasty at these prices, and Bank of Montreal (BMO) is on the move. And for the TSE, it looks like the “January Effect” is indicating an uptrend for the year (if you believe in predicting markets). I’m going to cover this all in more detail over the weekend.

9 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: From Denison to Dividends”

  1. Looking forward to the WN and MCD posts!!

  2. InterestedInvestor

    Jan 17. 2011

    Hey what do you think about Encana’s price now, will it continue to move up or will it get a bit cheaper before it moves up?

  3. Andrew Hallam

    Jan 17. 2011

    Hey Ninja,

    Your blog round-ups are great. They’re not too extensive, and you’ve taken the time to give an explanation of what your readers can expect if they click on them. Keep up the great work!

  4. The Dividend Ninja

    Jan 17. 2011

    Thanx so much, I certainly will! 🙂

    I like Encana. I bought it in September as a Naturual Gas play. NG is so undervalued (even with an oversupply) it has nowehre to go but up. From what I understand some countries such as Kuwait will start to use NG to generate power becuase of its very cheap price and abundance. At some point there will be demand for NG but it could take some time to get there.

    Secondly, the interest in Encana is over its statement last week that it will supplement its business with oil production and oil exploration, which is what it did before it split into Cenovous and the current Encana. As well Encana is in a major deal with China Natural Petroleum to supply NG.

    Anyway Encana is quite volatile, but has great fundamentals such as a low PE and low debt. It currently trades between $28 and $30 support levels. Wait and see if it comes back down – which is what the charts indicate, if it breaks $31.75 to $32 its likely on the way up 🙂 But all this is only my best guess, becuase no one really knows.

  5. InterestedInvestor

    Jan 18. 2011

    Thanks for the update, I think I’ll opt to see if I can catch Encana under $30, may be a bit aggressive but it could dip there considering how much it swings in a day. I have holdings of Cenovus which I nabbed before it spiked up so that’s been nice in the short term even though I plan to hold it much longer than a day 🙂 Couldn’t get my money to my TFSA fast enough to grab Encana before it jumped above $30. Thanks for your opinion!

  6. Anonymous

    Jan 18. 2011

    Dear Ninja: today’s news reported DundeeWealth announces $2 dividend in Scotia deal
    Do you have any thoughts on this one ?
    George Weston went down quite a bit after announcing its spec dividend rate. Wonder what happened to make it do that.
    Thanks for your info

  7. The Dividend Ninja

    Jan 18. 2011

    Short term traders and day traders are playing George Weston for the special dividend (which went ex-dividend last Friday). I thought of selling first thing in the morning, but I decided to buy and hold – I like the fundamentals on the company other than the PE. The dip is the sell-off from the dividend, but I think it will recover. If not I’ll top up later 🙂

    Don’t have any ideas on Dundee Wealth, though it is trading at its 52 week highs as well. It would be a specuative play just like WN, so you should be prepared for the price to go either way. Stop Loss for sure, and be prepared to sell on the ex-dividend date.

  8. InterestedInvestor

    Jan 18. 2011

    looks like encana isn’t heading down, time to buy some soon for sure, magna looks nice too


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