The Weekly Lineup: Friday the 13th Edition

Friday the 13thHow could I not take advantage of Friday the 13th? There are many superstitions surrounding the 13th. The most common of course are black cats, trashy horror films with terrified teenagers, and the infamous Friday occurring on that day. Many architects omit buildings with a 13th floor, and no company would ever price a product for $13.99. It also appears many bloggers are also afraid to post on Friday the 13th as well!

In the financial world, there was even a Friday the 13th mini-crash in 1989! However, the 1929 stock market crash occurred on Tuesday the 29th, and the 1987 stock market crash occurred on Monday the 19th. There were other market crashes which occurred on Wednesday and Thursday. This leaves Saturday and Sunday as the only days market crashes did not occur. This makes sense since stock exchanges are closed on weekends. I’m sure there are even more correlations to Friday the 13th of which I am unaware.

The Weekly Lineup

However my Friday the 13th was quite fortuitous. In celebration of Friday the 13th, I’ve chosen less than 13 great articles from around the web:

1. Dividend Growth Investor wrote about Coca-Cola as a core holding for dividend investors. He writes “This dividend king has paid uninterrupted dividends on its common stock since 1893 and increased payments to common shareholders every for 51 consecutive years”.  Any question?  (DGI published his post on Friday the 13th, so he gets first mention).

2. Dan Mac is offering his awesome 35 Top Growth Dividend Stocks book for only 0.99 cents!  Act fast since the deal is only on until Sunday.  😉

3. Ben Carlson had a great article this week, in Of Course… But Maybe: Financial Advice from Louis CK. The YouTube video of Louis CK is great! Good work Ben.

4. Dividend Mantra is really getting some cool things going on his blog. Check out Episode 4 of The Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast. Although his article has nothing to do with Friday the 13th, I gave him the 4th spot, to celebrate his 4th podcast episode.  However, the number 4 does not bode well in some cultures.

5. Fifth spot goes to 724Credit with 5 Reasons Why a Good Credit Score is Important.

6. Matt the Dividend Monk wrote about a stalwart dividend payer in, Medtronic Dividend Stock Analysis.  Nothing related to Friday the 13th in this post.

7. Since 7 is a lucky number I’ve decided to stop here! The Passive Income Earner wrote a great post on How to Calculate Your Rate of Return. This is a good back to basics post, that’s definitely worth checking out.

This post was published on Saturday the 14th, and backdated to the 13th! As bloggers we can do stuff like that…

Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂

3 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: Friday the 13th Edition”

  1. Ben

    Sep 14. 2013

    Glad you like the Louis CK video. He’s one of the best comedians out there. Nice list of articles.

    I’ll make sure to not walk under any ladders today to stay with the superstition theme of Friday the 13th.

  2. Dividend Mantra

    Sep 15. 2013


    Thanks for the inclusion!

    I had a rather ho-hum Friday the 13th. Just another day of almost 11 hours of work! Financial independence can’t come soon enough.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

    Best wishes!

    • The Dividend Ninja

      Sep 15. 2013

      Mantra, I can’t agree with you enough! 🙂

      I’m not sure I’ll make it through another 7 years of healthcare to get my pension. LOL