The Weekly Lineup – First Day of February Edition

25287126_sIt’s hard to believe that January is already over, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! 2014 seems to be moving quickly.

I wanted to let readers know I’ll be back to contributing for Canadian MoneySaver in the March 2014 issue. I’m planning an in-depth post, or even series, on the key dividend metrics I use when initially screening stocks.

Although dividend investing can seem overwhelming and complicated, it really doesn’t need to be. Nor do you need to be a financial professional or CPA to make sense of it all. A few red-flags to watch out for, as well as what specific ratios to look at, can go a long way in helping you buy a dividend titan instead of a dividend dud.

I also have a 2-part series coming up looking at the Canadian Aristocrat ETF, CDZ, which I started a couple of months ago while at work. Then I’m going to dive right into some solid Canadian dividend stocks. Looks like February will be a busy month! 😉

Canadian MoneySaver Webinar

Peter Hodson

Peter Hodson

If you missed it, last week I announced I was hosting my first webinar on the Dividend Ninja. My co-host for this webinar is Peter Hodson, who was the former chairman of Sprott Asset Management. Peter is currently the editor of the Canadian MoneySaver, and the CEO of 5i Research. I’d like to thank both Canadian MoneySaver and 5i Research for sponsoring the event:

Investing For Dividends
Tuesday May 6th, 2014
10:00 am PST (1:00 pm EST)

Register for the webinar »

The Weekly Lineup

There were some fantastic posts around the web this week I wanted to share with you:

First off, a big congrats goes out to Dividend Mantra, who has reached a mammoth two-million page-views on his blog. Not only that, he was able to add the additional one-million page-views in the last 7 months. That’s massive traffic, and an accomplishment to be proud of!  I can’t say enough for the genuine sincerity and effort Mantra puts into his dividend portfolio and blog each and every day. He’s shared that journey with all of us – so his success is well deserved. Pretty soon he’ll have to quit his day job to keep up! 😉

Another dividend blogger I have really enjoyed following, and who only started in September 2013, is Retire Before Dad. He wrote a great post this week titled The Elephant In My Portfolio. Of course, you’ll have to read his post and find out what company he was referring to! But I’ll give you a hint, it’s big and starts with the letter A.

It’s good to see that Vicky at Vix Money is back! Check out her recent Portfolio Update for December 2013. Vicky talks about her asset allocation, and what she holds in her registered accounts.

Over at My Own Advisor (not really my advisor), Mark had an excellent post on REITs. He discussed why he prefers to invest in REITs instead of being a landlord. An interesting post.

There are so many kinds of investment in today’s world. Some of you may have wondered if investing in diamonds are worth it. This is a good read for you if you are considering whether or not to venture into the world of diamonds!

Here is another detailed and well written post on the SEO side of blogging. I’ve long believed that “blog carnivals” were a bad idea for generating back-links, especially within a tight blogging community. Here is the irrefutable proof that blog carnivals can hurt your blog. If you are still using this strategy to generate back-links, then you should definitely think twice.

Have a nice weekend everyone! 😉

9 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup – First Day of February Edition”

  1. My Own Advisor

    Feb 01. 2014

    Always great to be part of Ninja’s weekly lineup!

    “Although dividend investing can seem overwhelming and complicated, it really doesn’t need to be.”

    Absolutely. I look forward to your articles to help investors.

    Have a great weekend,

    • The Dividend Ninja

      Feb 01. 2014

      Thanks Mark! The REIT article was excellent. 🙂


  2. Dividend Mantra

    Feb 01. 2014


    Thanks for including me! I couldn’t have made it to 2 million pageviews if it wasn’t for support from fellow bloggers/dividend investors/friends/readers like you. I really do appreciate it!

    Looking forward to seeing how that webinar turns out. I’m sure you’ll kill it.

    Always good talking to you…

    Best wishes!

  3. Retire Before Dad

    Feb 02. 2014

    Thanks for adding my piece to your weekly list. The big ‘A’ doesn’t really fit my strategy, but I continue to hold, so I thought it was time to explain. Thanks again for the support!

    • The Dividend Ninja

      Feb 02. 2014


      I think we all end up with a holding in our portfolio that doesn’t fit the strategy… For example I have 2 small caps that certainly don’t fit my dividend growth strategy. But I’ve had them for years – maybe I should write about them.

      For AAPL, no need to pull the parachute yet, might as well let the winners win. 😉


  4. Investing Pursuits

    Feb 02. 2014

    Good weekly lineup… I don’t know where Dividend Mantra gets the time to do these articles that he writes. They are well written even though he is super busy.

    • Dividend Ninja

      Feb 02. 2014

      He makes the time, and of course we are glad he does. 🙂

  5. Jim Wang

    Feb 03. 2014

    Thanks for the love Avrom!

    I think a lot of bloggers leaned too heavily on blog carnivals (it’s easy) and now the pendulum is swinging back… thanks for helping me spread the word!