The Financial Blogger Conference

Financial Blogger Conference

I couldn’t help myself from posting something on April Fools Day, but really this is no joke! Thanks to Financial Uproar for posting about the first annual Financial Blogger Conference! This is being held in the windy city of Chicago on October 1st and 2nd, 2011. Of course the warm and dry climate in Arizona would have been preferred, but I do understand Chicago has some great art museums and night life. I also understand there is a sports event at the end of September for those who are inclined: Blue Jays’ final series of the season, against the Chicago White Sox.

Financial Blogger Conference

Now this just looks like a whole weekend of networking and fun!  Be great to meet new people involved in the same blogging community, and maybe learn some new tricks 🙂  I’ve already signed up and looking forward to the long trip from Vancouver. Thanks Travelocity for the great deals!

There are 36 spots left for the Super Early Bird ticket at $89, which also expire on April 15th 2011, so be sure to register soon! Once those spots are gone, you will be paying $129 for the Early Bird Pass. My only wish, is they would have the venue planned to make booking a hotel easier, and provided contact info for the event coordinator.

Vancouver Canada and Chicago are almost two-thousand miles apart (about 1778 and 2861 km to be exact) – but that’s half the fun of travelling isn’t it?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the conference details with your readers. I’m excited that you will be there. I will add more contact info to the site. Good suggestion. Hotel details are coming soon.

  2. I’ve decided tonight to pass on this conference. The logistics are looking difficult and expensive for Chicago. And that particular weekend is looking to be packed with other events – such as the world series and other business conferences.

    I look forward to seeing how this conference evolves and looking at it for the future. I wish Phillip the best with getting this off the ground for 2011!

    My ticket is now for sale at CAN $75.
    Please contact me if you are interested. Cheers everyone! Lets wish Phillip the best success with this conference.

    Updated April 13th, 2011
    Credit card points worked out to a great deal for airfare.. so its a go! I’m excited to be going 🙂

  3. I think a Canadian version is in order!

    Even if I wanted to go, the price involved in getting there and staying there is too steep for me right now. Just have other priorities this year.

    But, if I change my mind, I know who to contact for a ticket!


  4. Credit card points worked out to a phenomenal deal for airfare! And looks like Philip will be able to put together a great hotel deal as well. So its a go :)) I’m looking forward to attending Chicago after all… booking the flight tommorrow.

  5. Tom @ Canadian Finance
    Thanx for posting! For a “real vacation” I can get a way better deal as a package. Keeping the cost down for this trip was the big key 😉 Look forward to meeting U in person, even if I have to fly to the US to do so :))

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