Factors that Increase the Price of Gold

Gold Bullion BarsWe are constantly hearing about the rise and fall of the price of gold. For those who have already invested in the precious metal, the rising cost can yield good news. This means that you can sell your commodity for a higher price than you bought it.

It is helpful to understand some of the factors that cause an increase in the cost of the yellow metal. Then, once you buy gold you will then know when to sell it. Selling your commodity at exactly the right moment can give you a significant profit. Here are some of the reasons that gold increases in price:


The production of the precious metal has a considerable effect on how much it costs. In the recent years, there has been less of the metal mined. The initial veins of gold that kick started the industry have now slowly been depleted. This means that mining companies are forced to search for new yields, deeper within the Earth’s surface. This requires a greater amount of time, money, and technology. These are the aspects that increase the cost of mining the yellow metal. When these costs increase, mining companies make up for the added manufacturing expenses. They do so by elevating the price at which they sell the precious metal.

The American Dollar

The value of the U.S. dollar is inversely proportionate to that of gold. When the American currency depreciates, the price of the precious metal increases. This is because when the dollar is performing well and maintains a high value, it is an investment favorite. People prefer to use it as a trading tool. Once the dollar begins to weaken, however, investors switch to a more stable form of financing. They usually begin to invest in and trade with gold. This causes the price of the metal to increase considerably. This is also a global phenomenon that is not merely restricted to the U.S. dollar.


The precious metal is more than a commodity to be traded. This yellow metal has actual, important uses in the real world. One of these is of course, jewelry – it is estimated that over 50 per cent of the metal is used in adornments. There is also a considerable amount used in the medical arena and for technology purposes. When the economy is quite strong, consumer spending power is similarly strong. This causes an increase in demand for jewelry and other items containing the precious metal. When this occurs, gold becomes a highly desired material. This is depicted through the cost of the precious metal. The price of the yellow metal rises to match its demand.

Once you are aware of the factors that affect the price of gold, you can monitor these aspects. You can watch the local and the global market to see any trends that may result in an increase in price. It is also useful to observe the efforts of the gold mining companies. This too will provide you with a wealth of information. You will then be able to know exactly when you should begin selling the precious metal.

3 Responses to “Factors that Increase the Price of Gold”

  1. Derek @ MoneyAhoy

    Mar 24. 2016

    One way to tell if the price of gold is temporarily over or under valued is to track the gold/silver ratio. Because gold is traded, the price can fluctuate even though the actual costs to mine, refine, etc. are fairly stable.

  2. Sandy Smith

    Apr 11. 2016

    Why? Because gold is only as valuable as what the next person will pay for it. Unlike medicine, or technology, or services – which possess within themselves a measure of value that is nearly impossible to alter – gold is just, well, gold. It’s a shiny pretty metal that provides some limited function in society but otherwise is just notoriously awesome, and everyone knows that everyone wants it.

  3. Alan P.

    Dec 08. 2016

    “When the US dollar goes down, the gold price goes up.” Is that not MAINLY because the price is stated in US dollars, rather than your explanation?
    If the US dollar goes down, the Canadian dollar goes up. It depends I suppose on what the US dollar goes down AGAINST; it depends on what the comparison is.