The Weekly Lineup: December Deep-Freeze Edition

12156783_sGrrrr its cold here!  An arctic-front has been pushing down creating less than pleasant temperatures in the -1 to -8 degree Celsius range. Of course that’s nothing compared to other regions in Canada. One advantage to these arctic fronts is they usually bring a dry crispness to the air and lots of sunshine. That makes a nice change from the usual grey and rainy weather we usually get in Vancouver. That weather front is about to change next week though, with an impending snowfall on Tuesday. Man I wish I was a snow bird!

Work has been busy this week, and demanding as well.  But that didn’t stop me from seeing what was happening around the blogosphere. Here are some great reads around the web, which caught my eye this week:

A really nice post over at Retire Before Dad, looking at Santa’s Dividend Stock Portfolio. This is a great way to break down the retail sector, and dividend paying companies most influenced during the Christmas season. Many companies make the majority of their sales during the holiday season, so it’s an interesting way to look at dividend paying companies.

Dividend Mantra tells you why he doesn’t compare his portfolio performance to the S&P 500.  I like Mantra’s steadfast determination and conviction to hold to his dividend strategy. While Mantra’s post brings up the issue of comparing apples to oranges, his basic premise is absolutely correct – focus on your strategy and forget the noise. In this case the strategy is to build monthly income through dividends. Keep up the good work Mantra!

Like Mantra I’m also focussed on creating a portfolio that generates monthly cash flow. This is even more important for me as I am nearing 50 and seriously considering retirement sooner than later. In my case I have a portfolio mainly allocated to Canadian dividend stocks and bond ETFs. If you want to know more about my investing strategy, be sure to check out this interview with Mark – What’s In Your Portfolio?

If the dividend stock strategy makes sense for you, you’ll be interested in Ben Carlson’s post, Stocks for the (Really) Long Term. Ben looks at the work of Jeremy Siegel, and gives a great synopsis on the real returns for both U.S. stocks and U.S. bonds over the long-term. Here is yet more proof on the merits of investing for the long-term. Ben always backs up his posts with solid data. Nice post Ben!

Are we really in a stock bubble?  Not according to another post by Ben Carlson this week, in More Stock Bubble Talk. While valuations are high, and there is more risk with purchasing stocks at higher valuations, it doesn’t necessarily correlate to a bubble. There is some good historical perspective here to the Financial Crisis and resulting rebound in stock prices. My take, I’d like to keep Ben writing on the Ninja, before he becomes a famous finance author!

Finally, here are a couple of great wrap-up posts over at Dividend Stock Growth Investing. Dan Mac covers notable dividend increases in November, and shares a list of great investment books you should read. If you are not familiar with Dan’s blog, its one you should definitely be adding to your reading list.

Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂  

2 Responses to “The Weekly Lineup: December Deep-Freeze Edition”

  1. My Own Advisor

    Dec 08. 2013

    Was more than happy to run your profile on my site!

    Thanks for the mention, hope you had a great weekend.

  2. Dividend Mantra

    Dec 08. 2013


    Thanks for the mention! I appreciate the support, as always. 🙂

    You’re probably going to think I’m crazy, but I kind of miss the cool weather this time of year. I sometimes think about moving back to Michigan and the snow and taxes that would come with. I miss my family a lot, especially this time of year. And I don’t know, the eternal summer has gotten…boring. I miss the season changes. Of course, it’s not fun driving around in heavy snow/ice.

    Anyway, stay warm and safe up there! Hopefully you get a break from all that work soon.

    Best wishes.