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Why Should I Invest in Bonds? 3 Reasons Investors Are Spooked

These days, bonds are getting a bad name. But, that shouldn’t be the case. You should invest in bonds. Stock markets are off to a tremendous start, dividend stocks are outperforming, and not surprisingly investors are losing their confidence in government issued bonds. There are three main reasons why investors are spooked with bonds. First and foremost, are the sovereign debt woes in Europe and the antics of the U.S. government to raise the debt ceiling, which sent ripples around world markets ...

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Buying Bonds? Think Short Term – The Safety of Short Term Bonds

Bond funds have been out of favor these days, especially with the threat of rising interest rates. With dividend stocks paying juicy yields and returning phenomenal capital appreciation, investors have been reluctant to purchase fixed income securities. Investors forget that when times are good, that all of that can change on a dime! This week the TSX and S&P 500 are already showing signs of a correction, with some dividend stocks off 10% from their highs. This should be a reminder to investors ...

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What Happens to Bonds When Interest Rates Rise?

The following is a guest post from Ben Carlson at A Wealth of Common Sense. Ben writes about personal finance, investments, investor psychology and using your common sense to manage your money. If you’d like to write a guest post, check out our guest posting guidelines. Don’t Try to Predict Interest Rate Movements There is one recommendation that I received early in my wealth management career that has served me well: do not try to predict interest rates. There are way too many moving ...

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