Backgammon and the Stock Market

Backgammon and the Stock Market

At the beginning of September, Young & Thrifty had mentioned she was going back to school full-time. She was concerned with not being able to write enough material while studying. This is certainly a valid concern when you are working hard to do well in your courses, but also have a blog you want to keep current. She was asking if anyone could guest post for her. By coincidence, I happened to have an extra article in the works.  So how could I say no to a fellow Vancouverite?

“A few months ago I downloaded backgammon app on my Blackberry to play when I’m really bored and don’t feel up to reading or working on the web. Of course I chose the “Expert” level since I think I’m a pretty savvy player. I also figured it would be pretty easy to beat a basic game of backgammon – especially since it’s a just a blackberry app (if it was an iPhone app I’d think twice).  Well beating the game wasn’t as easy as I thought!  And even more difficult as I discovered, is to consistently win a number of games in a row. So what does that have to do with the stock market?”

You can read the entire post at Y&T: Backgammon and the Stock Market »

5 Responses to “Backgammon and the Stock Market”

  1. youngandthrifty

    Sep 27. 2011

    Thank you!!!

    I’ll try my best to reciprocate in December when I get a month off 🙂

    It was an awesome article 🙂

    You me and Krystal should meet up sometime since we’re all in the same town…

  2. The Dividend Ninja

    Sep 28. 2011

    Yes I thouroughly enjoyed writing the article for you 🙂 People really enjoyed it. If I see Krystal in Chicago I will mention it – else let’s do that in October for sure.

    Thanks again Y&T I had fun hanging out with the 20’s crowd.

    The Dividend Ninja


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